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Top 10 Best Balance Ball Chair For Office In 2021

Buying the best balance ball chair requires a lot of knowledge. It is an item that will determine the wellness of your body and productivity in the workplace. After any tiresome task, you will require a quiet and comfortable place to take a rest.

Besides, if you are doing an activity while sitting, the surface you will be seated on the need to be super soft. How can you spot a supper comfortable ball chair? Worry no more, here is a solution.

After intensive research, here is the most recommendable balance ball chair in the market. These chairs have undergone intensive testing and proven beyond any doubt that they are of high quality.

Besides, their functionality is beyond any standard level and sturdily equipped to see you soar high in your workplace. Additionally, there are factors that you should remember when deciding on the chair that will be of excellent service to you. Well, let’s go through the best balance ball chair reviews below:

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What is a balance ball chair?

balance ball chair

A balance ball also referred to as a swiss ball, yoga ball, or balance ball is a bit of an exercise gadget. The best stability ball for the office has elaborately designed to combine a handy workplace chair’s consolation with the fitness advantages of sitting on an exercise ball.

Commonly, a balance ball chair includes a stability ball included right into a body with a backrest (elective) and caster wheels for transferring around your property or workplace.

The design is straightforward yet extremely functional. You can select the combination of your liking and desires. If you wish to circulate while sitting, pick out a minimalist frame with a ball inside.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the comfort and need aid for your spine, select the chair with an ergonomic backrest and armrests. Today, balance ball chairs are more and more popular, way to their undoubted health improvement ability.

Changing your everyday office chair with an exercising ball chair. At least for numerous hours according to today, will help you hold your backbone aligned, sell higher posture, toughen center belly muscle mass, relieve ache for your decrease returned, and prevent swelling.

Such an extraordinary impact has been carried out because of micro-moves you make to maintain stability. As a result, it’s going to enhance the blood movement and delicately educate your muscular tissues, decreasing the impact of a sedentary way of life.

Top 10 Best Balance Ball Chair Reviews

1.Aeromat ball chair deluxe

Aeromat ball chair deluxe

Aeromat ball chair deluxe is a high-quality item of the world’s outstanding exclusive company. This chair has been in the market for ages and has maintained the top position in the super stiff competition in the industry.

The secret in the construction of this excellent balance ball chair is a high-quality material and professional structure. The well-chosen material keeps this item in your office before it wastes while the expert, like construction, promises a super comfortable seat.

The design of this chair is fantastic. It has a low seat design that awesomely reduces stress on your back and hip, thus keeping you away from a doctor. This chair has five strong wheels for stability, and two of them are lockable to prevent the chair from rolling.

Does this chair have an armrest? If yes, is it adjustable? Aeromat ball chair has a durable armrest that is adjustable hence you can place your hands while resting. So, this is the best balance ball chair for a tall person.

  • Super light for portability.
  • It has a weight limit capacity of 200lbs.
  • The base is of heavy metals for stability hence suitable for adults.
  • A seat-low design to reduce pain in the back and hips.
  • It has a burst-resistant ball which is very comfy.
  • The design of this chair promotes active sitting which maintains an appropriate posture.
  • A small size chair hence may not accommodate an all desk size.


2.Gaiam classic balance ball chair


Gaiam classic balance ball chair

Gaiam Company has been in the industry for 25 years now and has been able to avail fitness items for its customers. Also, the Gaiam classic balance ball chair is a super useful item from this world-known company.

It is a revolutionary chair that conforms to your sitting posture to prevent straining and keep your body in shape. Promotes your body wellness and helps to relieve any pains hence provide long sitting hours.

This best balance ball office chair has a fantastic design that activates your sitting posture to ease any discomfort. The four gliding casters on the wheels enable you to slide smoothly while two of them are lockable to avoid rolling. It has a gym chair design for a workout routine with a back supporting bar for office use.

  • Inflate ball and plug for an effortless inflating of the ball.
  • It has a classic removable ball of 52cm for exercising.
  • An accommodative height that fits most of the standard desks.
  • Excellent back support bar which is sturdy and reliable.
  • The construction material is super durable plastic.
  • The ball cannot rotate while on the chair.
  • The height of the chair is not adjustable.


3.PharMedoc balance ball chair

PharMedoc balance ball chair

Pharmedoc balance ball chair is a chair that has been approved by the medics to be fit for long sitting hours. This chair outstands all other balance ball chairs with beyond-level functionality.

It effectively stabilizes any discomfort ranging from backache to legs pain. It is a multifunctional chair with a removable ball, which is useful in yoga. This chair is fit for all sizes with a large capacity of 300lbs.

The design of the pharm Educ balance chair is handy in aligning the core of your spine for long sitting hours. It has five-star wheels that are lockable to avoid rolling.

The lumbar support part of this chair is professionally incorporated to prevent health complications. What about the base of this chair? The bottom of the fantastic balance ball chair is very sturdy and stable, thus super secure.

  • These chair wheels are lockable to prevent rolling.
  • This chair accommodates big-sized people weighing up to 300lbs.
  • The base of the chair is of heavy-duty materials hence super secure.
  • It is a medic-tested chair thus its functionality is undebatable.
  • Fantastic 52cm ball which is removable hence a multifunctioning chair.
  • The height of the chair is not adjustable.
  • The pumping of the ball makes some noise.


4.Vivora luno sitting ball chair

Vivora luno sitting ball chair

Are you looking for the best office or home chair? Are you tired of a short-lasting chair? If there was a nod, here is a fantastic chair that will sort out all your problems. Vivora luno sitting ball chair is a multifunctioning chair for home or office use.

It has a friction resilient ball flor durability and super comfy. This chair has undergone intensive testing and proven to be efficient for long sitting hours without any health complications. Vivora luno balance ball chair has an exquisite design and construction.

It is compatible to ensure it does not take considerable space in your room. Besides, it is feather-light for portability. The design of this chair’s ball will leave you mesmerized.

It has an anti-bursting ball that lasts long 52 cm to accommodate adults. The ergonomic design of this chair equips it with a handle on the ball for easy transporting.

  • Sturdy and stable base hence secure for big size people.
  • Five-star wheels are very safe for your floor.
  • Carrying the handle hence the movements of the ball is not an issue.
  • Activates the core of your spine hence very safe for your body.
  • The ball is anti-burst hence lasts longer.
  • Appropriate height for standard office desk.
  • Olefin material, which is water-resistant hence fits for outdoor activities.
  • Makes some noise when inflating.
  • It does not have a back support bar.


5. Gaiam kids balance ball chair

Gaiam kids balance ball chair

As a parent, it is your sole duty to see that your children grow in good health. Besides giving them a balanced diet, they require comfortable, relaxing surfaces. Imagine your kid having to spend on a chair that is straining the spine at such a tender age.

Such a chair is gravely dangerous for your kid and should dispose of. To see your children grow in good health, purchase the Gaiam kids balance ball chair. This chair is specially constructed for kids to ensure they thrive in health away from back and leg pains.

Why do I recommend the Gaiam kids balance chair? First, this chair has a professional design with a back support bar for aligning the core of the spine. It is a chair that has constructed focusing on availing active body concertation of the kids while studying.

This chair has a resilient busting ball of 38cm diameter, which fits kids. The back support bar is adjustable, thus very comfortable for your kind. Gaiam chair relieves any pain and promotes a healthy posture for your kid.

  • An adjustable back support bar hence very comfy.
  • The ball is bursting resilient therefore last longer.
  • It promotes a good sitting posture by aligning the core of your spine.
  • The inflation process of the ball is straightforward.
  • It is an exercise ball that reduces restlessness increasing the concertation of the kid.
  • Accommodates only 175 lbs hence an age limit of 5 to 7.
  • The wheel is not replaceable in case it breaks.


6. Spoxfit exercise ball chair

Spoxfit exercise ball chair

Imagine a chair that strengthens your muscles and act as a calm resting place in the middle of an overwhelming activity in the office. Think of a chair that aligns your spinal cord and keeps your back free from the pair.

Have an image of a chair that will help you lower the baby during pregnancy. And now imagine a chair that incorporates all those features. Is that chair not magical? Spoxfit exercise ball chairs is a skillfully constructed chair that will keep you in the right posture.

Also, it will be of use in your pregnancy to bring the baby into position. This magical chair has a brilliant design that is compatible with a standard office desk. Its design helps to relieve pain in the back and the pelvis bone.

The construction materials of this chair are of industry level. Moreover, they are non-allergic materials. They are very durable to ensure that the chair lasts longer before it wastes.

This chair holds up to 660lbns, thus fit for both men and women. The features of this chair are scarce and in other standard chairs.

  • It is of non-allergic materials.
  • The exercising ball is fit for yoga with tough anti-burst material.
  • Honeycomb surface for security which is anti-slip for workouts.
  • very stable base and resistance bands hence fit for yoga beginners.
  • It has a resistance of 220 lbs thus suitable for a wide range of sports.
  • Straps are sturdy and straightforward to use.
  • This chair is a bit expensive.
  • It produces noise while inflating.


7.Isokinetics Inc. adjustable ball chair

Isokinetics Inc. brand adjustable fitness ball chair

Metals are very durable and highly preferred if you require an item that will take forever to waste. Isokinetic Inc.’s balance ball chair has constructed using a heavy-duty metal, which is scratch resistant.

It is a chair that has built focusing on customer satisfaction hence recommendable for your use. It has a back support frame that will align your back and keep you away from a doctor for ages.

What about the design of this chair? It has a thoughtful method to accommodate a wide range of body sizes. The ball has a non-latex material to prevent it from bursting.

The base of this chair is super stable and skillfully crafted for durability. The construction of the wheels is on another level. It has five-star wheels and safe for your floor, thus a very recommendable chair for your room.

  • It has a super stable base thus secure.
  • The wheels of this chair are five-star and safe for your room.
  • It has a compatible design hence occupies a very small space.
  • The price of this chair is pocket-friendly.
  • A very firm back supports the bar hence comfy.
  • The chair height is adjustable to accommodate a wider range of body heights.
  • The chair does not have a locking wheel.
  • The wheels lock automatically thus you have to keep unlocking them.


8.Trideer Exercise Ball Chair

Trideer Exercise Ball Chair

Trideer Exercise Ball Trideer exercise ball chair is an anti-burst and additional thick exercise ball chair. It’s 2000 micrometers in thickness and may resist up to 2200 lbs. This best-balanced ball chair is straightforward to inflate and an ideal package for you.

You’ll be able to save some time and energy with the fast inflation foot pump, which has included within the convenient box. This Trideer balance ball chair comes with two more air stoppers and directions.

This ball chair has made with high-quality anti-slip materials. It has also been designed with professional quality with non-toxic PVC material, freed from BPA & heavy metals.

This best yoga ball chair is ideal for yoga, Pilates, back & abdominal training, or the many low-impact exercises. You’ll also use this exercise ball chair as an office ball chair to alleviate back pain and improve your posture.

It has designed with a multicolor for providing the proper look, and it’s also available in 5 sizes (ranging from 45cm – 85cm).

  • Resistance band included.
  • Two sizes are available.
  • Anti-burst tested up to 2000 pounds. The price of this chair is pocket-friendly.
  • Takes an honest 48 hours before you’ll use it.


9.LuxFit Premium Ball Chair

LuxFit Premium Ball Chair

Lux Fit Balance Ball Chair may be a durable ergonomically designed exercise ball chair. You’ll be able to use this yoga ball chair reception or office easily. Health experts prepare it for spine and back health. That means this is one of the yoga ball chair reviews for your best convenience.

The feature that we like most is that the removable stand and backrest. This feature instantly doubles the ball chair’s function that enables you to interact with your core and promote a straight back.

The backrest may be extended upwards of two.5 feet that allows you to slant against it and relax your back. It’s an ideal balance ball chair for you if you wish an occasion from engaging your core muscles while working.

With an additional thick lining and huge heavy-duty wheels, you’ll be able to quickly move this chair from one room to another room easily. The build quality of this ball chair is excellent.

This Yoga Ball Chair’s Height is approximately 22 – 25 inches, which mostly depends on ball inflation degrees. Lux Fit Ball Chair can support a weight of up to 300 lbs. Like an exercise ball chair or balance ball chair, you can’t fail with the Lux fit Ball Chair.

  • Wide 50cm ball.
  • Arm and backrests.
  • Stable.
  • Detailed instructions and tools included.
  • Possibly too comfortable.


10.Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

Balance ball chairs vary in design, and this next offering from Safco may be a prime example. Their Zenergy ball chair is crimson, and you may think it’s just a strangely shaped stool till you sit on that. The ball it uses is 17 and a half inches in diameter.

It’s surrounded by a vinyl cover that runs down the whole thing of the bottom to the legs. When you fully inflate this ball, it sits 23 inches off the bottom.

You’ll be able also to detach the legs of the bottom, and it’ll only be 20 inches off the bottom, leaving you ample room to tuck it away out of the way. Balancing on this ball was relatively easy. The 2-millimeter steel legs make the bottom extremely stable and might impediment to a decent 250 pounds.

When the ball has inflated correctly, it almost felt too easy to take a seat on. We could still feel a fair amount of tension on our body’s core but not such a lot like other balance ball chairs.

This also could are due to the vinyl cover. It provides a fair amount of grip on that on its own. It’ll also get relatively warm if you sit on that all day long.

  • Easy to inflate.
  • Durable.
  • Takes up little space.
  • Stylish design.
  • The vinyl cover gets warm.

Best Balance Ball Chair Complete Buying Guide

Here a short buying guide to help you consider the various aspects of getting the right-sized stability balance ball chair for you. Here’s what to keep in mind.


The comfort is crucial attention while you decide to have a balance ball chair. Look for the only one that helps you to sit down without problems on it for extended hours.

Choose the only that includes backrests and test the substances cautiously so that you could have the best consolation. It must let you have any pain and save you muscle harm or distress. If it comes with armrests, then you could have even higher relief.


The shape is in step with the development. Look for the one that comes in long-lasting creation and helps you to use it for the long term. A few can spoil quickly after a few uses and requires replacement. Cross for the only that has a stable buildup and is manufactured from superb substances.

Metallic and abs plastic may be perfect attention and could be very durable. It also has low renovation and is suitable for both adults and kids. In case you want safe cloth, then move for the only made from rubber because it does not consist of latex.


For premier consolation, you need to pick the one that has a better height. A Balance ball chair that incorporates an adjustable top can accommodate human beings of various sizes. If it has a longer or shorter top, then it’s going to no longer deliver the identical consolation to you.

Weight Capacity

Even though it has all of the crucial functions, you must see if it has a tremendous load potential. It depends upon the construction, and you need to get the only in step with your requirements.

Some of it has a weight capacity of as much as two hundred kilos. But, a few may fit as much as 500 kilos. You need to move for a yoga chair that has the complete ability.


With higher performance, you can make the most from the ball chair. See if it can stimulate creativity by way of allowing you to have loose movement. For higher versatility, see if it will enable you to use it from everywhere you need.

It can give a couple of benefits, and you could even enhance your productivity while operating from your workplace.


If you need your yoga ball chair to supply better consequences, Then pick the only one that offers the highest quality assist. It may assist you to have comfort and make sure you sit for extended hours.

It has to supply full assist in your back and backbone and permit you to sit down in an upright position go for the only that may support your entire frame. Similarly to this, you want to see if it helps you revel in it when you sit on your yoga ball chair.


Look for the only one that is available in a unique layout so you can use it for exercise. For advanced performance, you want to test the ad-on. Rolling caster wheels will help you take it everywhere you need and feature problem-unfastened portability.

You can even see if it consists of an adjustable backrest for better support. There are many other capabilities to can help you have introduced comfort and convenience. But, you want to make your finances cautiously and then move your selection.

Those are the most vital features that you should ensure that they are in your balance chair. However, it is hard to find a chair that combines all those features. Luckily, here is a list of chairs that has most of those features with high functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a ball chair help with back pain?

Yes! For the general public, sitting on a ball chair allows returned, neck, and shoulder ache; this is related to sitting in conventional chairs for lengthy intervals. When sitting in a ball chair, it forces you to have better posture, which gives ache relief.

How long can you sit in a ball chair? 

The general public can sit down in a ball chair for the same amount of time that they use a conventional chair. However, there are a few people that document increased ache while first using a ball chair.

Often, this results from your again muscle tissues being stretched to keep proper posture, and will typically leave through the years. When you first get a ball chair, it has far endorsed that you use it for as long as you are cozy before switching back to your ordinary chair.

Then, as your body receives more potent and you get used to it, you could use the ball chair complete-time.

How long does it take to see results from a ball chair?

Simultaneously, as some human beings discover immediate release from ache while using a ball chair, the general public will need more significant time to adjust to it.

Usually, between one to 2 weeks is wanted to start seeing effects from using a ball chair, so don’t be amazed if you don’t revel in instant development.

Can ball chairs be used to replace an office desk chair?

Sure. Many humans are out there who have replaced their traditional office table chair with a ball chair. It has helped them gain all the advantages of the ball chair as they use it all day long while at paintings.

However, because everyone’s body is distinctive, with impressive stamina and health degrees don’t experience discouraged if you want to alternate between a ball and a regular chair every few hours. A kneeling chair is also worth searching into as a stepping stone toward a ball chair’s usage full time.

What are the benefits of getting a ball chair?

Similar to supporting alleviate backache, ball chairs can help enhance posture, fortify your center muscle tissues, and help increase blood circulation. The multiplied bloodstream is associated with a decrease inside the range of dangerous coronary heart conditions.

They also can enhance concentration because it lets you move your body as your work. This small amount of movement can keep you awake and alert in part because you’re shifting, however, additionally because of the expanded flow that takes place while you move for the day.


The best balance ball chair is ideal for keeping your back away from health complications. With a lot of balance ball chairs, which is the perfect chair to purchase? It is a question that has got answers.

I have highlighted the factors that you should consider to buy the best balance ball chair. Further, there is a recommendation on the balance chairs that you can purchase.

The highlighted chairs are the best in the market with a high level of functionality. They have all undergone intensive testing with the medics and proven to be fit for your health.

Therefore, you can purchase any of the chairs and have a guarantee of a super comfortable chair. The highlighted chairs are the best in the market with a high level of functionality.

They have all undergone intensive testing with the medics and proven to be fit for your health. Therefore, you can purchase any of the chairs and have a guarantee of a super comfortable chair.

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