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Best Drafting Chair

Top 10 Best Drafting Chair Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

The best drafting chair is an ergonomic modified chair that seeks to reduce fatigue and offer a comfy seat. Buying a drafting chair should be taken with a lot of attention because not every well-looking chair fits in an office.

It should have a weight adjusting mechanism to facilitate all sizes of workers. The durability of the drafting chair is not debatable. The chair should be of heavy-duty materials to ensure that it takes a longer time to waste.

Also, due to the long hours spent on the chair, it should have an efficient airflow to provide a cooling mechanism to the chair. Which is the best chair to purchase? Why should I use a drafting chair?

All these questions have answers in this article. This piece provides a buying guide by highlighting the best drafting chairs and giving solid reasons why you should use them.

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Top 10 Best Drafting Chair Reviews

1. Moodway Veer drafting chair


Smugdesk drafting chair tall office chair

A reception chair should be attractive and classic to show the high-quality services of the company. It should also occupy a small space and provide adequate working space for the user. Do you require a chair that has the preceding characteristics?

If your answer was a resounding yes, then purchase the mood way drafting chair with a very compatible design for space-saving. Besides, it is exquisite and eye appealing to beautify your office.

This drafting chair has an expert like design and construction. It has a breathable mesh and a waterfall mesh padded to keep you away from back pains.

The adjusting mechanism of this chair is lovable. It has a pneumatic lift for adjusting weight, which is very simple to turn. Have this chair to keep your floor intact. It has the gliding wheels that make it roll on the floor without destroying its construction.


  • It has a pneumatic lift for height adjustment, therefore, fit for every size.
  • The flip-up arm is suitable for an armrest and quickly rising by flipping it down.
  • Dual-wheeled casters which prevent your floor from any damage.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel that allows rotations in all directions thus suitable for a reception chair.
  • The seat is made of highly durable materials to verify that it lasts longer.
  • A chrome painted foot ring for enhanced comfort which increases the productivity in the workplace.
  • The seat depth is not adjustable.
  • The wheels do not lock to avoid rolling.

2.Smugdesk drafting chair

Smugdesk drafting chair tall office chair

Stiff competition among the industries has brought a lot of advantages. It has made it possible to get high-quality goods that have professional construction quickly. Smugdesk drafting chairs a tall that has emerged the top best in this competitive world.

It is a chair that has thoughtfully constructed to keep you far from health problems. The functionality of this chair is on another level, and you will appreciate the idea of purchasing it. This chair’s design is very efficient with a backrest the will curve your spine into good shape.

The wheels are very reliable due to their flexibility and durability. It has a chair made of very durable items to foresee it lasting in your office for ages. What about the legs?

Are they sturdy, attractive, and safe? This chair’s legs are professionally-made that ensures that they are lovely and sturdy; thus, you are super reliable when sitting on it.

  • The construction of this chair is from high-grade materials that are very durable and stable.
  • Circular foot ring that keeps you comfy.
  • It is a flexible chair that allows rotation in all sides.
  • It has a height adjusting mechanism thus suitable for office use.
  • The seat is padded and has a mesh for efficient airflow.
  • A very ergonomic design thus takes a small space for your office.
  • The mounting of the seatback is rigid hence do not recline or incline.
  • The casters of the wheels will require replacement after some time.

3. Best massage big and tall office chair 

Best massage big and tall office chair

Before deciding on the robust drafting chair to purchase, there are multiple questions that you should have their answers. How sturdy is the chair? Does it have as backrest? Which is the level of rotation do they allow?

Those questions and many more should have answers to avoid regrets later. For a reliable and robust drafting chair, purchase the best massage big and tall office chair.

It is a chair that has sage construction that will keep you very relaxed in the office. It has a huge weight capacity of 400lbs hence suitable for every person.

This chair has an expert like design that will keep you away from doctors for ages. The middle-back system offers support to your lumbar region, thus saves you from any pains.

  • A super drafting chair that has a cushion made of high-density sponge.
  • The lumbar support is adjustable for efficiency.
  • It has a padded armrest to support your hands.
  • The breathable design of this chair keeps an excellent airflow to avoid overheating of the seat.
  • It has a huge weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • The setting up of this chair takes a lot of time and may require an expert.

4. Best office chair tall office chair

Best office chair tall office chair

The best office chair is typical in many offices. It is a chair that has proven worth to be in every office. Thus has left many people with no option other than purchasing it. It has a very professional construction, which will earn your office a very professional look.

The flip-up arms will make you find this chair very suitable for your office. The components provide a space of placing your arms; thus, you can take a break on the chair after an overwhelming activity.

This chair is powerfully equipped to ensure that it takes ages before it waste. It has a highly durable mesh that allows efficient airflow to cool the seat.

This chair’s foot ring is sturdy and well-positioned to ensure that you are comfortable in your office. This chair is for everyone who requires a humble time in the office without any chair disturbances.


  • It is among the few chairs that have a commercial gas lift to put you at your convenience level.
  • Heavy-duty nylon base which is very durable and sturdy for stability.
  • 360-degree swivel that can allow you to do multitasking.
  • Ergonomic design that keeps it very stable and offers maximum comfort.
  • Lumbar support design that keeps your spine away from troubles.
  • It is a durable chair made of heavy-duty materials.
  • It does not tilt.
  • This chair does not have locks to avoid rolling.

5.Devoko drafting chair

Devoko drafting chair

Credits to the well-doing devoko company that has made it possible to find a reclining chair in the office. They have manufactured the magnificent devoko drafting chair with the rarest features to ensure that you have a relaxing chair in your office.

This glorious drafting chair has lockable wheels that will avoid the chair from rolling accidentally. Besides, it is a lightweight item; thus, any movements are not a problem.

The professional design of this chair has served well to all its users. While talking of this chair’s adjustable footrest ring, it will ensure that you are more comfortable than you can imagine.

It does not only have an armrest for resting your hands but also a flip-up armrest. The armrest moves up to 90 degrees. Hence, you can flip it down when not in use.

  • Lockable wheels that solve the problem of sliding.
  • Breathable mesh for efficient airflow for cooling.
  • Adjustable foot ring that increases its efficiency.
  • A very professional construction that gives it an attractive appearance.
  • Padded seats help to reduce fatigue.
  • Setting up the chair takes a lot of time.

6. Office star deluxe mesh back drafting chair

Office star deluxe mesh back drafting chair

Office star deluxe mesh back drafting chair is an intelligently constructed chair that will reduce fatigue. This chairs building material is a heavy strength fabric that positively enhances its durability.

It is a chair that has seat wicks that are easily adjustable for effortless positioning of the chair. It is a glorious chair with a very sturdy base, thus very stable and secure.

This chair has a very thoughtful design that plays a significant role in keeping your spine in shape. It has a breathable mesh forb efficient flow of air, which helps in cooling your body.

Think of seats of a professionally constructed chair. Those are the seats in this magnificent chair that have padded for comfortability.


  • Backrest adjustment for inclining and declining hence very comfy.
  • The base is very sturdy and of high strength materials for durability.
  • It has five-star wheels that do not damage your floor or carpet.
  • Built-in lumbar support is hence very safe for your lumbar region.
  • The footrest ring is adjustable.
  • A chair that will increase your productivity in the workplace due to the fatigue-reducing attributes.
  • It does not have locking casters.

7.Boss office drafting stool

Boss office products multi-function fabric drafting stool

A drafting chair, especially if it is to be used in an office to should be very comfortable and relaxing. Imagine of chair full of troubles with the tiresome duties in your office. You can conquer with me that such a troublesome chair is not fit for your work.

To avoid such problems, I suggest you purchase the boss office products multi-function drafting chair. Why do I recommend this chair and not any other? Keep on reading to discover more!

If you have heard of a super comfortable chair, then that is what describes this chair. It has padded seats with an efficient airflow mechanism for cooling your body.

Think of a chair with adjustable arms that you can position them as you want for maximum resting. The pneumatic lift for height adjustment and seat tilt lock for locking the seat from rolling will make a good day in your office.


  • 20-inch diameter foot ring for placing your legs when relaxing or taking a nap.
  • It has double wheel casters which will not damage your floor or cause any noise when swiveling.
  • Arms are adjustable and are elegantly constructed using leather thus last long.
  • The seat lock system allows you to lock the seat to prevent rolling.
  • It has a pneumatic lift and gas lift for height adjustment.
  • Built-in lumbar support to avoid back pains.
  • The seat installation may require an expert.

8.Moodway attainment drafting chair

Mood way attainment drafting chair

Here is a secret to increasing your productivity in your office. Purchase a super comfortable chair, and you will free from troubles in your office. These troubles include an overheating chair or a chair that is damaging your floor.

Now, this is the ideal chair to avoid those unpleasing situations of the Moodway attainment drafting chair. It is a chair that has a huge loading capacity and very comfortable seats to reduce fatigue in the workplace.

It has five dual-wheel casters, which will not damage your floor. The breathable mesh of this superb chair will leave you relaxed in your work station. It allows air to flow efficiently in the chair to cool your body. What about the tension lock and the adjustable tilt?

The tension lock will simplify the inclining and declining of the chair. The adjusting mechanism of the chair has a wide range of height adjustment.

  • It has a very professional appearance which can be an assuring factor to clients of high quality to services.
  • A wide range of height adjustments with a simple moving pneumatic lift.
  • The base is very sturdy and stable.
  • Lower back lumbar support thus safe from your body.
  • Breathable mesh for cooling the seat.
  • The backrest is super comfortable.
  • The foot casters are not safe for a soft floor.

9.Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool

Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool

The Apollo offers the best drafting stool that is solidly built, incredibly comfortable, and highly adjustable for you. It has designed for folk who frequently alternate between sitting and standing, and it pairs perfectly with a standing desk.

The stool has an implausible waterfall seat design that reduces pressure on your legs and provides added comfort with improved blood circulation.

The seat is 20.5″ complete and comes with breathable mesh upholstery that keeps your body cool while you’re employed. It is a minimum height of 26.5″ and a maximum height of 36.5″.

Additionally, the Apollo drafting stool’s backrest is height-adjustable, and also the moving arms are going to adjust for width and height. When purchasing the Apollo, the overall feel customers have is that they’re getting a real value for money.

  • It provides great value for the cash.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • The backrest doesn’t stay in place.


10. Alvin Art Director Drafting Chair

Alvin Art Director Drafting Chair

If you’re working long hours at the office and wish absolutely the best in terms of comfort, quality, and design, try the Alvin stage director drafting chair. With a 20″ wide seat with a 3″ thick cushion, this model is unquestionably the most comfortable drafting chair on our list.

Its height is adjusted from 24.5″ to 28.5″ with the assistance of an extension seat. The extension seat exists because this chair was built initially for an everyday desk.

So, the manufacturers wanted it as the best drafting chair for standing desk to enjoy the comfort the chair provides. The backrest is additionally height adjustable and might be lifted to 20″ above the seat.

This model is stationary and doesn’t tilt backward, but its upholstery and arms were made out of Buffalo leather to offer it a tremendous high-end look with increased comfort.

  • Great looking office chair.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Genuine leather upholstery.
  • The chair doesn’t tilt.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Drafting Chairs 

Suppose you are interested in investing in a standing desk, getting a drafting chair. Here are the best essential things to consider when purchasing a drafting chair.


Most customers genuinely value the flexibility to customize their drafting chair experience, this can be why adjustability is an incredibly important feature, and different chairs serve different purposes.

Some have armrests that flip up, others will have a tilted seat, and a few will have both. The most effective adjustability features may depend upon what you would like and what you discover comfortable.

The most important thing is that you simply live daily with ergonomics in mind, knowing you’re doing something good for your body.

Comfortable Seat

It has to be the maximum vital criterion while buying an ergonomic drafting chair. The chair seat must design to support the higher and lower limbs correctly and then returned so that ok stream and healthy posture have accomplished.

It is especially critical, as your ft received it be touching the ground while seated on a drafting chair. A waterfall design at the brink of the seat usually works excellent.


The footrest is essential, so your toes don’t hold, and no extra strain is placed on your internal thighs when you’re seated. The footrest is usually ring-shaped and does an excellent job of allowing you to rest your feet while you work.

Seat Backrest

Regarding the backrest, some people gravitate closer to a backless design, so they’re pressured to preserve an upright and desirable posture at all times. However, select a drafting chair with a backrest, as my mid-body tends to get worn-out as a substitute without problems.

In case you’re within the identical boat, make sure the backrest has a gentle “s” shape that contours to the form of your again, plus tilt adjustment if you lean back often.


Armrests on a drafting chair are every other crucial attention. Think about the kind of task you’ll be performing while making your buy choice. In case you’re operating at the keyboard frequently, armrests are an excellent addition to assist your arms while you kind properly.

However, for different kinds of jobs and drafting or any form of layout work where you’re running with a selection of physical objects (like large charts), an armrest gained it utilize tons. Best get inside the manner.


Comfort and ergonomic aid commonly cross hand-in-hand — ache is sometimes your body’s way of telling you which you’re no longer sitting properly. The drafting chair’s padding ought to be enough to help your body.

It’s an ominous signal if you may experience the chair’s body while you sit down. A seat with a more prominent surface place permits extra movement, even as the protecting need to also be comfy to sit down on.

The meshes are commonly my desired material for more prolonged bouts of sitting; Whilst fake leather feels better if you’re simplest now and again sitting down.


The pleasantness of the materials used to make the drafting chair is vital, especially the base and gasoline cylinder that prop up the chair. Search for chairs with a heavy-obligation five-star nylon base and robust metallic cylinder with a hydraulic carry.

The lifts will invariably wear out over the years, though luckily, there are alternative lifts you may get effortlessly and install your self. The wheels’ fine is crucial, too, as faulty wheels are capacity damage waiting to manifest.


Once in a while, our budget may forestall us from getting the very exceptional matters in lifestyles, together with office chairs. When searching at chairs, you also need to recall the toughness of the chair.

A chair with a metal frame may be extra high priced than a plastic chair, but it’ll most in all likelihood have a longer lifespan. Further, your health is helpful, so it’s now not worth getting a poorly becoming chair most effective in sacrificing your posture (which can cause continual injuries that cost much more to restoration).

In short, the goal for the first-rate drafting chair you may manage to pay for based on your wishes, as opposed to the cheapest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drafting chair?

Answer: A drafting chair is a chair; this has been designed to accompany drafting tables. In reality, this chair has consolated in thoughts, considering that many customers spend lots of hours seated on it.

As a result, you will locate the maximum of these chairs designed to include a soft and high-plush seat, a footrest, a backrest that contours to the person are back, an adjustable seat height, amongst other capabilities meant to guarantee consolation.

What should be the height of my drafting chair?

Answer: Drafting a chair’s top must decide after choosing the height of the drafting table you may use it along with. As a result, you should begin with selecting the best chair for drafting table so you can get a clear idea of its peak and later pick out a chair that features a mid-top as a way to suit that of the desk.

Consider, the chair’s seat-height should be adjustable so that it is simple to use it on unique running surfaces. But, maximum drafting chairs have a height that levels from 20″ to 37″.

What is the importance of the usage of drafting chairs?

Answer: First, the draftsmen have recognized spending long hours sitting (and operating) on uncomfortable drafting stool. Those drafting chairs emerged as a strategy to deal with the awful design ergonomics of the vintage faculty drafting stools.

It has additionally helped the professionals to address their problems again (caused by terrible seating posture.) Those tall chairs have specifically designed for use in conjunction with tall drafting tables, expanded workbenches, and many others.

The drafting chairs have designed to be taller, permitting the customers to operate at a relaxed peak with appreciation to their working platform.

Am I able to use a drafting chair as an office chair?

Answer: Yes, you may; the most specific component that you’ll want to remember is the bottom seat height of the chair, considering that these chairs have designed to use with status tables.

So, earlier than getting a drafting chair as a strategy to an office chair, think about your office table’s height and make sure that the chair is suitable for use with such a size.

Why should you purchase a drafting chair?

Answer: A drafting chair is essential for any professional work. Thinking of long hours, you will be sitting in the office; you will require a comfortable place to sit on.

Drafting chairs have been constructed to ensure that they reduce the effects of the office’s overwhelming activities. These chairs have inbuilt features such as lumbar support to keep your spine and back free from any danger.

To increase productivity in your office, you will automatically require a drafting chair. Here is a list of the most recommendable chairs which you can purchase.


When purchasing a drafting chair, there a lot of things that you should put into consideration. First, how is the durability of the chair? Is it able to last for ages in your office before it wastes?

The best drafting chair is made of heavy-duty materials to let you see them staying long in your office. Also, they should be very flexible. The flexibility of the chair should range from the height to the armrest.

It should have a pneumatic lift that can adjust the height easily without any troubles. Besides, the chair should have a beautiful professional appearance.

That can be a motivating and assuring attribute to the clients of professional and quality services. In this article, there are highlights of the drafting chair that feature all these attributes.

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