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Top 10 Best Office Chair For Tall People Reviews In 2021

Purchasing an office chair for tall people is not a walk in the park. There are several factors that you should put into consideration. A mere glance at the chair cannot promise a high-quality chair. Yes! The chair’s appearance is essential, but that is not all you should look for in a chair.

Think of a chair that does not have the appropriate height for tall people. Imagine a chair that occupies all the space in your office. Is that not dangerous? Sure, it is. To avoid such cares, you should ensure that the chair you purchase has the ideal features for an office chair.

How can you get such a chair? Here is the solution. This article gives the factors that you should put into consideration when purchasing a chair. Further, there are highlights on the best office chair for tall people in the market.

10 Best Office Chair For Tall People Reviews


1. Flash Furniture office chair

Flash Furniture Hercules series big & tall  office chair

Flash Furniture Hercules’s office chair is a highly recommendable chair due to its comfortableness. This chair has a leather material hence takes ages to waste. This chair is a product of Hercules, who always produces surprisingly high functioning products.

It has an adjustable headrest which has a very professional appearance. The headrest reduces the pressure on the neck hence very relaxing. The compatible design of this chair keeps it top in the stiff competing market.

Due to its design, it takes minimal space in your office compared to other chairs of its level. The elegant, breathable mesh of this chair facilitates efficient airflow in the chair to cool the seat.

It has a padded armrest for an enhanced level of comfort. The features of this chair have high functionality and will make you love the chair.

  • The seat has a waterfall design to relieve pressure on the lower part of the legs.
  • It has a lock tilt mechanism to facilitate the reclining of the chair.
  • Pneumatic lift for straightforward height adjustment.
  • Chrome base that gives your office a stylish appearance.
  • Built-in lumbar support is hence safe for your body.
  • The installation of the chair requires an expert.
  • It is a heavy chair thus require support when transporting.


2. Best massage big and tall office chair

Best massage big and tall office chair computer ergonomic chair

Besides finding a durable chair, you should see a chair with modern construction. Modern construction gives your office a professional look, which can be a reassuring factor to your clients. The best massage big and tall office chair has a stylish design for your office’s professional appearance.

This chair has an extra thick seat cushion hence an excellently comfortable chair in your office. It supports up to 400 lbs, thus fit for tall and big people. Additionally, this chair has a very thoughtful design, making it occupy a small space in the office.

The components of this chair are evidence of expert crafters. Think of an adjustable armrest that is professional-padded for comfort in this chair. The built-in lumbar support of this chair will keep your fragile spine in shape to prevent back pains.

  • Simple pneumatic lift for height adjustment.
  • Built-in lumbar support to relieve pressure on your back.
  • Very sturdy and stable back hence you very secure.
  • This chair has nylon rolling casters that are durable and efficient.
  • It has a breathable mesh for efficient airflow in the seat.
  • The assembling process is straightforward.
  • This chair has nylon casters that may wear out fast.
  • The armrest is not removable.


3.Hon Sadie big and tall office computer chair

Hon Sadie big and tall office computer chair

The spine is a very vital part of your body and should be free from any danger. A poorly constructed chair poses a lot of risk to your range. To help heal and keep your back away from pain, purchase the hon Sadie big and tall computer chair.

This chair has inbuilt back support to keep your spine in shape and reduce any pains. This chair has a very sturdy base to support substantial weight people. The design of this chair is exquisite and ergonomic.

It is very stylish to earn your office a stunning and professional appearance. The black mesh of this chair allows free flow of air hence cooling the chair.

The seat is wisely-made of very durable material to withstand friction and scratch. All the chair’s construction exceeds the industrial standards due to its stability, durability, and high functionality.

  • It has a sturdy backrest thus very comfortable.
  • A stylish appearance hence can be fit for home use.
  • Built-in lumbar support to relieve pressure on the back and spine.
  • Very sturdy base to support huge weights.
  • Five-star wheels for fast movement in the office.
  • The maximum height of the chair is 23 hence may not accommodate very tall people.
  • It does not have a slide to adjust the seat.


4. Serta bonded leather big and tall chair

Serta bonded leather big and tall executive brown

Serta bonded leather big and tall office chair is an exceptionally outstanding chair due to its industry-level functioning. It has a very professional construction that sturdily equips it to last longer.

The base of this chair is very stable and robust to hold considerable weight people. With the simple functioning pneumatic lift of this elegant chair, you can easily adjust its height. The design of this chair is outstanding and keeps its demand top in the market.

It has a leather handle for portability and durability. What about the seat of this chair? The seat is padded for comfort with a waterfall design to relieve pressure on the legs. The backrest of the Serta chair is expert, designed for a quiet relaxing space.

  • The armrest is perfectly-padded with an espresso finish thus soft touch.
  • Pneumatic lift for height adjustment to accommodate vast range heights.
  • Facilitates multi-functioning in the office with the five-star wheels for rotation of the chair.
  • The making material is of high strength for durability.
  • High-density seat cushion for a tranquil seating experience.
  • The assembling of the chair takes time.
  • It holds up to 350 lbs only.


5.Hon wave big and tall executive chair

Hon wave big and tall executive chair-mesh office chair with adjustable arms

Hon Wave Company earns respect worldwide due to its focus to satisfy user needs. Their attention has made them manufacture a high functioning office chair. Hon wave big and tall office chair is a product of this famous company with a grade-level performance.

Sitting on this chair makes the most memorable days of your life due to the increased concertation in your office. It has enhanced seating cushions, which are scratch resistant and very comfortable.

This chair design is beneficial in meeting your expectations of a super comfy chair. It is very compatible with taking small space in the office, thus earns you ample working space.

If you need a chair to relieve the back pain, then this is the one. It has inbuilt lumbar support to relax your back muscles and keep the spine in shape. Get to know this chair’s features in the next part, and you will love it more.

  • Attractive appearance thus fit for casual meeting rooms.
  • Breathable mesh for efficient airflow to cool your body.
  • The seat cushion is of high strength, therefore, a calm seating experience.
  • The design of the lumbar support helps in relaxing the back muscles hence 100% concertation in the work station.
  • Very sturdy and durable base and adjustable arms to relieve strain on the hands.
  • A pneumatic lift for height adjustment.
  • It does not have a locking mechanism to prevent the rolling of the chair.
  • Assembling may require an expert.


6. Yamasoro ergonomic executive office chair

Yamasoro ergonomic executive office chair-high-back office desk chairs

Every time I purchase an item, I give the highest regard to the one that has leather. Do you know why? Leather promises the durability of the item and also a glossy appearance. Yamasoro’s ergonomic executive chair catches my attention due to the durable leather material that gives it a smooth finish.

Additionally, this chair has an exquisite appearance that can add style to my office, which can be a reassuring element to my clients. Yamasoro’s office chair has a very exceptional design that makes it useful in every office that multitasking is inevitable.

It allows all-around rotation hence, fast movements in the office. Think of a highly padded seating cushion. That is the type of pillow in this chair that will enhance concertation in the office.

This chair’s features make it the most recommendable office chair ranging from five-star wheels to height adjustment.

  • Offers lumbar support surface hence safe for your spine.
  • The pneumatic lift is simple to operate when adjusting the height.
  • Breathable mesh for efficient airflow to cool the body.
  • The wheels are safe for your floor and reliable for fast sliding.
  • Flip-up arms to relax your hands after a tiresome task.
  • The headrest is padded and of leather material for durability and pressure relieving on the neck.
  • Occupies a bigger space in the office.
  • It does not have the tension tilt mechanism.


7. Amazonbasics big and tall chair

Amazonbasics big and tall executive office desk chair

Amazon basics big and tall executive chair is an industry-grade chair and offers a tranquil sitting experience. It is useful for home and office use due to its unique construction. It has a very fantastic finishing that gives it a glossy appearance.

The durability of this chair is not debatable. It is made of high strength materials to increase its durability. This high functioning chair has a pneumatic lift that enables you to adjust the chair’s height to conform to your posture.

The built-in lumbar support of this chair will keep you away from health complications. It aligns your spine and helps in relaxing your back muscles. This chair is medically tested and proven to be safe for long sitting hours.

  • Glossy appearance to add style in your room.
  • The armrest is super comfortable to reduce pressure on the hands.
  • The headrest is highly padded to relax the neck muscles.
  • A very sturdy and durable base.
  • Rotating wheels for fast movement in the office.
  • Pneumatic lift to adjust the height of the chair.
  • It is heavy therefore require support when moving it.
  • It is not possible to recline in this chair.


8.Nightingale CXO Office Chair

Nightingale CXO Office Chair

It’s an almost entirely reclinable office chair for tall people. It gives you the feeling that you can fully recline it because the mesh material contoured back follows your every movement.

This high-end office chair didn’t spare any cost in its construction. It’s comfortable and can provide optimum support for tall people who are seated for the entire day. And that roots from durable construction and large end parts. It’s a pretty heavy chair.

One, the seat is one of the most comfortable that I’ve ever tried. Why wouldn’t it be if it has memory foam inside? That’s one of the advantages of this high-end chair. You won’t feel any fatigue even if you’ve been sitting for more than 6 hours.

Another advantage is the contoured mesh back support. It flows with your every move. And to top that, it also has adjustable lumbar support. So this ergonomic chair truly has your back. It also features an adjustable headrest, though it can’t fully lift to the top.

But it still provides decent support. As a whole, it’s a cushy high-end office chair for tall people. If you don’t mind shelling out more money, it’s a significant upgrade, especially if you want a comfortable reclining chair.

  • Features a patented mesh material.
  • Great back support.
  • Has a memory foam in its seat.
  • The headrests don’t fully lock.


9.Reciffer High Back Office Chair

Reciffer High Back Office Chair

It’s a competitively priced bonded leather ergonomic office chair for tall people. And if you’re trying to find more cushion, the Reciffer high back chair indulges you. It has the right amount of plushness for comfortable seating.

And the waterfall edge design of the seat prevents leg cramping that can lead to back pain. The entire set has covered with bonded leather, but it doesn’t feel too hot. Besides, it’s adjustable lumbar support and an S-shaped back.

So for someone who stands 6 feet up, it provides ample support, especially on the lower part of your back. The seat softly conforms to the curve of your lower back.

As for the armrests, though it’s not fully adjustable, it’s just the basic flip-up and armrests. However, it comes convenient when you wish to get out of the chair quickly.

It also allows you to get closer to the office desk. And the level of armrests is perfect for tall people. Also, it’s a smart-looking ergonomic chair and a relatively comfortable one. It’s almost fully adjustable, except for the armrests.

  • Has a reclining function from 90 to 120 degrees.
  • Nylon wheels roll out smoothly.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Soft and comfortable seat with waterfall edge design.
  • The flip-up armrest can’t be adjusted.
  • The location of the adjustment levers is quite low.


10.Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

At first sight, the Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair may be a breathable-mesh-made chair. Surprisingly, there’s more to that. It is not just any ordinary mesh office chair; it’s a top-quality computer office chair made for giant and tall users.

It has a clear lumbar, behind the mesh back, adjustable armrests, a thickly padded seat, and a 5-star metal chair base with hooded wheel casters. This chair has big and tall commercial-grade components that make it suitable to be used by all users.

It has a high back design that helps support the rear in tall individuals. Moreover, the chair can support up to 350 pounds of weight without breaking off, making it a good big man’s office chair choice.

This chair’s backrest is made from breathable mesh that helps maintain a relaxed and sweat-free back even in hot working days. The breathable back stretches to reduce pressure on the back, creating ample back comfort.

This chair allows you to customize most of its parts to assume personalized comfort. The seat is height-adjustable, with the help of a lever beneath the seat. The backrest has a recline and reclines lock mechanism that helps you tilt back.

And it locks this chair in a specific position to achieve optimum relaxation. The seat within the Sadie Big and Tall is thickly padded, so on offer maximum back support.

Also, the chair features an expansive sitting area that accommodates even large individuals. The seat also sports a waterfall seat edge design that reduces the legs’ pressure, increasing leg comfort.

  • Heavy-duty big man’s chair.
  • High-back design.
  • Full ergonomic structure.
  • The chair lacks a headrest.


Best Office Chair For Tall People Buying Guide

Chairs are skillful-manufactured focusing to meet diverse user needs. Hence you should be clear on the type of chair that you require to avoid regrets. To know the ideal chair that you require, you should put several factors into consideration. The most critical factors that you should consider are.

Height of the user

Preferably for an office chair, purchase a chair with a height adjustment mechanism to accommodate both tall and medium-sized people. An optional seat height that ranges between 16 and 21 inches will be suitable for many people.

Hence, this recliner has an adjustable ability to support people in finding the right position with their stature.

Making material

Picking the best chair means choosing the best chair material. You’ll want something that can withstand ongoing use and will serve your facility well into the future.

The making material of the chair should be durable. Some of the durable materials are leather, metal, mesh, wood, plastic, and high strength fabric.


The price of the chair should be pocket-friendly. However, avoid too cheap chairs, for they can be a sign of poor construction. Use other factors to verify if the quality of the chair is worth the price tag.


The wheels of the chair should allow movement without making noise or damaging the floor or the carpet.

Backrest Lumbar Support

Due to the long hours spent in an office, get a chair that has a backrest. An ergonomic chair is designed as the ‘S’ shape of the spine will support your lower back optimally. Adjustable lumbar support can prevent slumping and reduce fatigue on the pelvis or spine.

Avoid static posture while sitting in office chairs.

Finally, regardless of how comfortable you’re in your office chair, prolonged, static posture isn’t good for your back. Try to remember to face, stretch, and walk for a minimum of a moment or two every half hour.

Moving about and stretching daily throughout the day will help keep your joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons loose, which successively will assist you to feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and more productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve had a look at some excellent office chair options, individuals on the tall side. Let’s look at a few of the most frequently asked questions about office chairs.

What should taller shoppers search for in an office chair?

A few essential factors are out there that shoppers of above-average height should be looking for in an office chair. These include the minimum adjustable height of 19 inches, the depth of the seat, weight limits of 230 lbs. or more, and lower-back support.

Do any tall office chairs double as gaming chairs for tall people?

The answer is yes. Many chairs of this kind do work immensely well for gaming. They are supportive, have the proper proportions for tall or broad users, and tend to be durable.

It has a weight limit of 250 lbs. and a height of up to 48.25 inches. Its seat is 29.25 inches in depth as well. This chair and others like it are great options for computer gamers or office workers, no matter how tall.

Can my office chair help to reduce my back pain?

Yes. An office chair is a tool that, when used properly, can help one maximize back support and maintain good posture while sitting. However, merely owning an office chair isn’t enough.

It is also necessary to regulate the office chair to the proportions of the individual’s body to enhance comfort and reduce the spine’s aggravation. Many taller people who are hunching over all day in a too-small chair don’t realize the harm they may be doing to their back.

How do I calculate the correct seat adjustment height for my chair?

As you are standing in front of your office chair, the seat’s highest point should be just above your kneecap.  Turn around with your knees, faced forward, and seat.

If you are leaning back, your feet should touch the ground, though they should not lay flat. Now sit up straight. Your feet should be able to lay flat against the ground, and your knees should be at a 90-degree angle when you’re sitting directly.


The height of the user is an essential element to think of when buying a chair. In the case of an office chair, look for a chair with a height adjustment mechanism to accommodate a wide range of heights. Also, the making material of the chair is very crucial.

The material should be of high strength to promise the durability of the chair. This article enlightens you on all the factors that you should consider for an ideal office chair.

Further, it gives recommendations on the best office chair for tall people. The recommendable chairs are already in the market and have high functionality. Moreover, they all incorporate the vital features of an office chair to enhance the user’s productivity.

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