12 Best Office Chair Under 300 Dollar Reviews In 2021 -

12 Best Office Chair Under 300 Dollar Reviews In 2021

If you are looking for the best office chair under 300 dollars then you are at the right place for in-depth information and details on the best option available. It is true that people now have a much more hectic work routine, and most of them have a sitting job, where they have to be in front of a computer for almost 8-10 hours.

If your sitting posture is not right, it can lead to fatal injuries and body disorders in the future. If you are looking out for the best office chairs in the market. Then there are a lot of options available in the market from different manufacturers claiming to provide the best ergonomics and comfort there is.

However, we cannot believe what they say. So we picked up some of the best office chairs in the category so that you don’t waste your money buying a bad office chair for yourself.


Top 4 Best Office Chair Under 300 Dollar


1. Alera Elusion Multifunction Chair

Alera Elusion Multifunction Chair

The Alera Elusion Series office chair is one of our top recommended office chairs under the category of $300. The office chairs are built with top-quality material and provide perfect support for your shoulder, back, and neck.

It includes several ergonomic adjustments to make the chair comfortable for people of any height or weight. The back support of this chair has an adjustable tilt both for the back and front. The design construction made of mesh and a heavy cushion at the bottom.

Like most modern and premium office chairs, this also has premium upholstery and a waterfall edge design for leg support. The mesh design allows for enough air to prevent sweat and adjust to anybody’s angle and shape by giving enough support.

  • Tilt-back design for maximum adjustment for back.
  • Waterfall edge design for leg support.
  • Heavy cushion to provide lower back support.
  • 24-inch high back support.
  • Height- and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads.
  • Lacks adjustable neck support.
  • Upholstery is not as good when compared to a similar range of products.


2. Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

This product represents high quality and great ergonomics at the same time. With availability in two colors, black and white, this office chair provides excellent neck and back support. When we talk about the features of this chair, the company has made use of advanced technology, which makes this chair comfortable and breathable at the same time.

The quality of material used in chairs increases the flow of air to keep the body cool and prevent sweating due to sitting for long hours. When compared to other office chairs in this range, this office chair included a lumbar pad that is attached to the chair for increased back support and adjustable neck support to prevent cervical pains.

The company has used high-density foam to make sure that the chair is very comfortable for long sitting hours. It has a lot of different ergonomic settings, which makes the user adjust the height, and tilt the back of the chair as well.

  • Adjustable height and back support.
  • High-density foam for extra comfort.
  • The breathable mesh material prevents heat and sweat.
  • 300-pound weight capacity with 30 days return and a year of no-question replacement warranty.
  • Quality of plastic used in the chair is not that strong.


3. Lorell High-Back Chair Lorell High-Back Chair

Sitting for long hours of work can be tiring, and the only way one can avoid anybody or back pain is when the chair has a good and comfortable cushion and backrest. It is what Lorell promises to deliver to its customers with this office chair. Be it a person of any height and weight, the adjustable back and height function of this chair can adjust to any individual.

The entire seat is covered with industry-standard breathing mesh and a heavy cushion at the bottom to provide enough support for the legs. The focus of this chair is mostly on back support due to which the back has been designed ergonomically to provide a natural curvature of the back. With adjustable arm height and width and ergonomics, this chair comes with a five years warranty from the company, which makes it a perfect choice.

  • Adjustable height and arm support.
  • Five years warranty.
  • The Independent back angle adjustment.
  • Back of the seat designed with the natural curvature of the backbone.
  • Lack of headrest.
  • Low-quality adjustment handles.


4. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair 

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair 

Now let’s talk about a different kind of chair under the budget of $300. This chair from Serta is fully cushioned to provide maximum comfort for long sitting hours and can easily handle up to 350 pounds, which makes it a very sturdy chair.

This chair might not have the ventilation that mesh chairs had, but the amount of increased comfort this chair provides makes it worth its price. The Serta office chair has been designed to impress with overall leather upholstery and wooden accents.

The back and the headrest is fully covered with a thick cushion, which will give you the feeling of getting submerged in the chair. Ergonomic, height, and tilt adjustments make it easier for any person with different heights and weights. The chair has been specifically designed for those with larger frames.

  • Layered with thick and pillow cushion.
  • Fine leather upholstery.
  • Ergonomic adjustments.
  • Comfort for longer working hours.
  • Cushioned armrest.
  • Non-adjustable armrest.


Top 4 Best Office Chair Under $400


1. Noble chairs Epic Gaming Chair

Noble chairs Epic Gaming Chair

When it comes to sitting in the front of your system for long hours, there is nothing better that can comfort your back than a gaming chair. A gaming chair is a basically tall design and highly cushioned chairs that provide cushioned support and highly adjustable ergonomics to provide natural curvature for your back and head support.

With 7 different colors, this gaming chair from Noble chairs is great in looks and functionality. It comes with PU leather upholstery and PU Faux leather, with 55% density freshly molded cold foam for optimal breathability & comfort.

It can easily handle a load of 265 lbs and comes with adjustable arms and back tilt. The design has been inspired by the seat of a sports car and has a luxurious finish with a steel frame, premium stitching, and a debossed logo.

  • 4 inch PU casters for neck and lumbar support.
  • Superior cushion for comfort.
  • 135degree recline and adjustable arm support.
  • No Adjustable headrest or attached cushion.


2. SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair

SIDIZ T50 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

Are you looking for an office chair that can provide you both comfort and executive class looks? Or an office chair, which defines premium with just its look as it does with its ergonomics. If yes, this chair from Sidiz is the one you should buy. The T50 model from Sidiz is crafted to perfection.

The chair adjusts to your body movements and naturally provides perfect support as per the moving body. The back of the chair has been designed with S curve technology from Sidi, which adjusts to give your lumber complete support. With an adjustable headrest, armrest, and back tilt.

The chair is easily one of the best in terms of comfort for a person of any height and size. The premium finish comes from using high-quality polyester stripe mesh along with a strong aluminum frame. It is, in fact, one of the best premium-looking chairs under $400.

  • High-quality polyester stripe mesh.
  • Strong aluminum frame built.
  • Premium looking upholstery and design.
  • Adjustable ergonomics.
  • Price is a little higher when compared to the same features in other chairs.


3. La Z Boy Bellamy Office Chair

La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Office Chair with Memory Foam Cushions

La Z Boy is an apt title for the next chair that we have under the $400 category. This chair is definitely meant for those who often doze off while working for long hours. A perfect-looking executive chair, the La Z Boy, is one of the best office chairs in its category when it comes to total comfort. It has been designed with all leather upholstery and dark wood finish.

It is cushioned right from the bottom to the back and neck, and this office chair speaks of premium. The cushion used in it is made from memory foam that remembers your body posture and provides ample support to your lumbar. This chair uses a lot of premium wooden accents with a waterfall seat to provide leg comfort.

  • Can handle a load of 250 pounds.
  • Fully cushioned and adjustable ergonomics.
  • Premium leather upholstery with a darkly stained wood finish.
  • Memory foam is added to the cushion for more comfort.
  • It is not a high back chair, which can be an issue for tall people.


4. HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Chair

When it comes to buying a good office chair for your office, and you are confused between many options. Sometimes it is best to go with the very basic design and include the best of comfort. Something very similar is what this chair from HON provides.

The chair is equipped with breathable mesh to prevent heat and sweat while sitting for long hours and has all the ergonomic adjustments like recline, height, and arm adjustment. The reinforced frame can handle a weight of 450 lbs, which is excellent and higher for a chair under this range. It might now provide you premium looks but does offer high-quality upholstery and comfort.

  • High-quality upholstery and mesh design.
  • Heavy cushion for maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable ergonomics for lumbar support.
  • Lacks adjustable head support.


Top 4 Best Office Chair Under $500


1. Steelcase Series 1 Office Desk Chair

Steelcase Series 1 Office Desk Chair

When we talk about office chairs under the category of $500, the features, build, and finish also gets better. A perfect example of this is Steelcase Series office chairs, which are a great combination of basic design, high comfort, and robust build. The chair has been built with live-back technology. Which contours to fit a user’s spine through a system of flexors tucked neatly inside the backrest, offering continuous lower-back support as you move in your chair.

Even arm supports can be adjusted to height, width, and depth to lower down the pressure on the shoulders and neck. The seat can easily take the shape of the user’s body to increase support and comfort. The weight-Activated Mechanism in this chair allows for quick, intuitive seat adjustments and comes with 12 years of warranty in case of any issue with the chair.

  • Weight adjustment mechanism for ergonomic adjustment.
  • 3D micro-knit back adds to the premium finish.
  • Live back technology to support lumber through flexors.
  • Lacks adjustable head support.


2. SIDIZ T50 Chair 

SIDIZ T50 Chair - Marvel Black Panther Edition

If you are a true Marvel fan and love all their movies and superhero stuff, then this chair is for you. This chair has been made to comfort even the King of Wakanda. This special edition Marvel Black Panther chair is a combination of strong and robust design and superior technology. It’s not only a beautifully crafted masterpiece but also has SIDIZ’s advanced ergonomic technology.

It has been made strong and flexible like Vibranium using an aluminum frame and high-quality parts. Artificial leather pads and soft, comfortable material makes the comfort level higher, easily customizable tilting angles, armrest, and headrest. The entire suit of the Black Panther character has been embodied on the chair along with claw scratches on the back. It is truly a collectible for all Marvel Fans.

  • Beautiful premium finish with Black panther suit embodies on mesh.
  • Customizable ergonomics like head, back, and arms.
  • Strong aluminum frame for robust design.
  • Lacks enough lumbar support.


3. SOHO Premier Soft Pad Management Chair

SOHO Premier Soft Pad Management Chair


Sometimes it’s about the finish and design of the chair, which makes the look of your office more premium and classy. If you are looking for a premium-looking chair that makes a style statement for your office just by the looks, then this chair for SOHO is the one to go for.

It has ranked number 1 in a mid-century modern office chair from Laura Davidson Direct. The strong polish aluminum construction and padded Italian leather upholstery, speak for themselves. It spells outclass, premium, and style just from the looks of it.

It also comes with a tilt-swivel mechanism and pneumatic gas height adjustment to provide maximum comfort for an individual of any height. This premium graded chair comes with a 3-year warranty from SOHO. And is one of the best and the most premium offering in its class.

  • Premium Italian leather upholstery.
  • Strong Aluminum frame design.
  • Pneumatic Gas height adjustment.
  • Three years warranty.
  • Lack of back support for taller people.
  • Not meant for people with a larger dimension.


4. CLATINA Ergonomic ChairCLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive Chair

Colatina has been a known brand when it comes to office chairs with a comfortable and robust build. This chair is no exception and carries forward the same DNA as the other chairs manufactured by the brand. This chair has a particular seat height, and depth adjusts along with comfortable armrests, which decreases the pressure from the shoulder and neck.

The seat is very reliable in terms of build and will easily last you for many years. It also comes with BIFMA certification for solid construction and a load capacity of 275 lbs. Breathable, soft upholstery covers the chair along with thick and comfortable padding. The chair is straightforward to install and comes with a five years warranty for complete peace of mind for the customer.

  • Reliable and Robust design with BIFMA certification.
  • Heavily padded and soft premium upholstery.
  • Five years of warranty.
  • The shape of the backrest could be improved.


Best Office Chair Under 300 Dollar Buying Guide

You can easily buy any office chair given from the above product link and your preferred budget. However, if you are planning to go out in the market or check office chairs online. Then make sure to check the 3 most important features in the office chair that make it better for your use.


There are different types of chairs with the build made from plastic, steel, and aluminum. It would be preferred to buy a chair made from the aluminum frame as it will last a lot longer with a solid and robust build. Although the chairs with aluminum frames are costlier, they will provide you with the best quality.

If you are low on budget, you can still go with the office chairs made with a steel frame as they are strong as well. Avoid going for chairs made of plastic and other material. If you wish to use the chair for a longer period, then steel and aluminum frames are much better.


A chair should be designed in such a way that a person of any height and weight could easily sit in the chair. Also, the ergonomics should allow complete comfort, no matter which position you sit in. To have all these features make sure that the chair has adjustable ergonomics features such as adjustable height, tilt, headrest, and armrest. Unless you cannot adjust them, they will not provide you complete comfort. The adjustable ergonomics help in adjusting the chair as per your body shape and position.


To make sure that your long working hours on the computer do not turn into hours of pain and fatigue. Make sure to purchase an office chair with enough cushioning and soft upholstery. Lack of cushion in the chair will create pain in your back, shoulders, neck, and legs, which makes longer working hours no less than a punishment. A good chair would always have a thick, dense foam or memory foam for more comfort.


When it comes to the best office chair under 300 dollars these were some of our best picks from what is available in the market. All the chairs listed above are capable of providing you a great experience and comfort while providing enough support to your back, neck, and arms.

All these chairs are based on the basic design, gaming, or premium finish and feel and will fulfill the needs of any customer. So purchase the one you like and dive into the world of comfort and coziness.

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