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How To Exercises To Do At Your Desk-Get Fit at Work!

There are many factors that will make us don’t have sufficient time to devote time to exercises to do at your desk. And the daily tight schedule of our business or our job is one of the dominant factors. Sitting on a chair and in front of the computer monitor for long hours will disturb and even result in a bad effect on your health, especially on your body’s flexibility. And the situation will get worse if you have poor exercise habits.

As well we know, exercise is so important to minimize and reduce or even avoid headaches, back pain, and so on. Those things are so crucial to encourage your productivity. So, however, it is a compulsion to provide sufficient time to do proper exercise at least once a week.

3 Ways You Can Exercise To Do At Your Desk Sitting

Fortunately, there are some options to do exercise smartly although hectic work schedules around you. One great option is by doing proper exercise from your desk & chair! Here are some smart and simple tips (options) but so helpful to keep productivity.

1.Aerobic Styles

The first option is by doing a simple aerobic in few minutes! There are several styles of aerobic that you can do in your office room. Such as;

  • You can do a jumping jack for at least sixty seconds with your desk.
  •  You can raise your march and knees and then try to do ‘football-drill’.
  • Do exercise for your hands and arms by raising them above your head and then hold them for around a half minute.
  •  It is also a not bad idea to use stairs occasionally instead of the lift or elevator facilities, and so on!

2.Smart Exercise Styles

Then there are also available some simple strengthening activities that you can explore to do smart and simple exercise, amid your busy schedule! Instances;

  • Why you don’t try to do ‘one-legged squats’ by holding the back-rests and standing behind the chair.
  • Do push up with hands on the desk and keep feet on the floor at least ten times, and 2 to 4 times a day.
  • Exercise the shoulders with hands-on armrests of the chair then raise up your bottom from the seat pan of the chair and then try to hold for around three seconds and repeat this procedure at least five times!

3.Simple Stretching Exercise

You can also try to do some stretching activities in few seconds! Examples;

  • Stretch the arms (but still keep sitting on the chair) above the head and then do some variety movements like stretch the arms towards and try to hold them for around 30 seconds.
  • Reduce the neck pain by stretch the neck properly (take it lower towards the left and right of the shoulder).
  • Try to touch your shoulder ‘blades together’ by sitting on the chair straightly, this is helpful to make your back, chest, and shoulders more relaxed.
  • Try to choose and do one of the simple exercises without leaving your office room such as ‘Yoga’ which usually can be done simply at your desk.

Some Exercises Anyone Can Do At Work

Other ideas to do a simple exercise and minimize the body’s injuries when working at your desk and chair for long hours.

  • Get up frequently – You’ll ask that’s it an exercise? Yes, it’s one of the only exercises that you simply can often do without getting unnecessary attention. Many adverse effects of prolonged sitting are often managed merely by standing a couple of times in an hour. One can use this point to debate things with colleagues, and so on.
  • Believe the standing desk– It’s even better than frequently standing. Its many benefits such as you can move more regularly rather than spending much of the time ahead of the screen needlessly.
  • Neck stretching– Shoulder and neck stiffness are some of the severe issues. They’ll also cause migraine-like headaches in many. an easy solution to the present is doing neck stretching. There are many simple exercises for the neck like rotating the neck, bringing the chin as close as possible to the chest, bending the neck backward, and side-wise. you’ll repeat these simple exercises several times each day to avoid the pain.
  • Back stretching– Lower back and hip problems are commonly a consequence of prolonged sitting, and back exercises don’t invite much physical space. There are many exercises for it; one can choose what suits them best. Important is to avoid tightening of your back. Trying to touch toes during a standing position is a superb example of back stretching.

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It is better to use an ergonomic desk and chair. The ergonomics mechanism of furniture is helpful to let your body sit on the chair naturally and usually come with high-quality materials that meet standard safety and protection.
If you have a tight schedule all day long, you should make a schedule to determine when you should take exercise sufficiently. It is also not a too bad idea to choose ‘cycling to the office’ by getting up early in the morning to avoid congestion!

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