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Herman Miller Embody Office Chair Review In 2021

Herman Miller always strives to innovate useful products with inspired designs. The Herman Miller Embody is a high-end office chair with many happy customers. This popular model from the reputable Herman Miller brand is feature-packed so that you won’t feel the need for extra customization options.

This premium office chair is very comfortable and you could easily sit in it for a full day without issue, but a few of our judges found some other models to be just a little more comfortable. The Embody offers a few different colors for the upholstery and frame and base finishes so you can choose a model that fits your office design.

The Herman Miller Embody chair review is packed with all the info you may need before making a buying decision.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

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In the Herman Miller class, the Embody Chair is top of the table for its dynamic designs and responsive features. This chair from Herman Miller comes in a myriad of colors. You can choose one to fit your room’s design at a glance. It is a very modern-looking chair that is nothing similar to the classic leather executive chairs you are already accustomed to.

Herman Miller designed this chair for people who sit for long hours and face the consequences of this activity. The chair is called Embody, which should say a lot of things about its structure. The chair is built so that it fits your spine’s natural curvature, without putting pressure on it.

The back of the chair was built in order that it mimics the human back. Another reason is to choose this embody chair is that most other office chairs are just stylish and pricey instead of being comfortable and well designed. This product takes everything to another level. It has a central spine and flexible ribs, just like in the human body. You can position the backrest exactly after your spine’s curve.

According to the Embody Chair Review, it is the first health-friendly chair that provides full relaxation to the backbone and shaped well your sitting posture. After an in-depth analysis of buyer reviews about this chair. I prepared this ultimate guide that will help you to order this chair.


  • Made in the USA with parts made only for this chair.
  • Comfortable recline maintains your position through the entire recline.
  • Superb lumbar support.
  • 12-year warranty.
  • Wide range of adjustments.


  • High price point but good value.
  • No lumbar adjustment.
  • No arm pivot adjustment arm depth.

Why You Choose Embody As Your Office Chair?

The Herman Miller Embody Office Chair is the ideal chair for anyone who is in desperate need of back support, given how much effort was put into its lumbar support. While you’re at it, give our Herman Miller embody chair review read too.

About Herman Miller Company

The Herman Miller Company has a long tradition in the furniture industry. It originally started a century ago, as a home office furniture business under the name of Michigan Star Furniture Company. A few years later, one of the employees bought this company, with money from his father-in-law, named Herman Miller. The ex-employee was so grateful that he renamed the whole company as a tribute to his father-in-law.

Since then, the company has been through some hard times. After the Great Depression, it changed its offer from home furniture to office and industrial furniture. Herman Miller bought a couple of other furniture companies under its umbrella, so it grew. Now, it has offices on three continents and exports to 100 countries around the world.


Herman Miller Embody

The Herman Miller Embody chair may be a well-designed, innovative chair. The Embody is touted as a functional chair, with parts that serve well-thought, specific purposes that improve your health. Taking your first look at the Herman Miller Embody Chair and you’ll immediately notice it doesn’t look like your typical office chairs such as the Steelcase Gesture Chair or Steelcase Leap Chair.

The design allows you to get a natural postural equilibrium, so your eyes and hips are aligned when you’re sitting in a vertical position. There’s the option to adjust the back, the seat depth, and length, and of course, the height of the chair.


The Embody aims to incorporate natural movement into your sitting experience because it offers dynamic support. This computer chair is comfortable due to its ergonomic design is flexible and dynamic so that it can adapt to your movements. In turn, this promotes a positive posture and natural spinal alignment.

The Embody comfort also stems from an even pressure distribution, which minimizes pain, and from the different ergonomic adjustments that allow you to find the right position for your body shape and size.


Our next rating metric constitutes 35% of the final score for each chair and is again focused on the backrest, seat, and armrests of each chair. This time scoring each product on the range of motion available to you in these categories.

We also looked at the reclining mechanism of each chair and if you are able to easily configure the chair so you are sitting correctly, according to ergonomic guidelines. The Embody again did well, earning an 8 out of 10.


The Embody doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the backrest either. The industry standard when it comes to the best office chairs is to have a wide back model, to make sure you cater to a wide array of body shapes.

In turn, the Embody boasts a slim backrest powered by a Backbit adjustment. This compact build gives the Embody some extra flexibility and dynamic support so that it can adjust to your movements and different positions.

The company describes this technology as similar to a human back, with a central spine and a rib cage. As such, the backrest has an anatomically-correct design, which wins it extra points in terms of ergonomics and support.


My team gave the armrests a 72/100. That’s not bad when you compare the Embody with a low-grade office chair, but in the world of grade-An office chairs, this score is in the low range.

The reason for this score has something to do with the Embody price range. Most chairs in this category boast at least a thin padding or a curved shape, but the Embody armrests are perfectly flat and hard.

This design would have been a real flaw for a lower-quality office chair, but Embody has turned it into strength. The armrests are wide and soft, with rounded edges that don’t dig into your arms.

Wheel Design

You can choose three models of wheel casters for your Embody ergonomic chair, all of them 2.5 inches in diameter. The standard version is black, dual-wheel casters that roll smoothly on low-medium pile carpets.

For a $40 fee, you can upgrade to the hard-surface wheel casters that accommodate floors like cement, tile, or hardwood. The third option costs an extra $60, but these wheel casters are translucent and can fit both types of surfaces: hard floors and carpets alike.


Considering that the Embody has a 12-year warranty, you can see that Herman Miller puts a lot of confidence in the Embody long term durability. As such, you can expect this chair to outlast its warranty and see at least two decades of life.

The first reason that adds to Embody durability is its custom-made parts that fit perfectly together. Generic parts might leave gaps, which in time can make different components bend and give out under your weight.

Durability a second reason is its high-quality materials. The frame and base use custom-molded aluminum and steel, and the wheel casters are made with hard plastic. These materials are resistant, don’t bend, and don’t scratch.

Warranty & Return Policy

You can return the Embody after a maximum of 30 days after your purchase for a full refund of your money. The best news is the lack of restocking fees, though the free return shipping is another advantage. The caveat is that you’ll need to reship the Embody in the original packaging, so keep that in a safe place. 12-year Warranty.

However, Herman Miller has a helpful customer support team so, if you didn’t keep the original package, they might still find a way around that. The Embody comes with a full 12-year warranty that covers all its parts.


There is no doubting the Herman Miller Embody’s ability to support your back. It was designed from the ground up to target your back, work with your body, and provide some of the best lumbar support we’ve ever seen with office chairs. Herman Miller went as far as to cast a wide net on top minds, 20 physicians and individuals with PhDs in various fields, in an effort to shape its design.

Because of that, the Herman Miller Embody Chair has a steep price tag, one that very few could achieve. But if you do manage to buy one, you’ll get an incredible 12-year warranty.


The Herman Miller Embody Chair is a top-quality chair with plenty of ergonomic features that allow you to sit in it for hours. Embody Top choice and free shipping its designers put a lot of thought into the Embody to make sure it’s a health-positive office chair that alleviates backaches, promotes a good posture, and improves blood circulation.

As they say, the Herman Miller Embody Chair review “so intelligent, sitting in it actually helps you think. While this is a reliable office chair, it only supports people up to 300 pounds. And this is the perfect choice for you if you work several hours in the office as a regular job.

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