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How To Choose The Right Office Chair In 2021

Office chairs are an essential part of a working culture around the world. This is where people give over 10-12 hours a day while working in a static position. However, working for such long hours in a sitting position can also affect our health, productivity, and efficiency. Although sitting position while working can’t be avoided, we can try to improve our position and body posture.

It will help in preventing many health issues that are caused by working for prolonged hours in the same position. How to choose the right office chair is the first step in improving productivity at the office and avoiding health issues. Office chairs are common factors among several individuals, that will help in creating a comfortable working posture.

How to Choose Office Chair

choosing right office chair

Office chairs should precisely match your job profile, which can assist in increasing your productivity. Not all job profiles require a person to sit on a chair and work in front of the computer system. The aim should be to balance the way a person works. An individual should stand, walk, and stretch after every few hours while working on an office chair. This helps to release tension from the body and increase blood flow.

This will not only increase the attentiveness of a person but also increase his performance. Apart from this, a lot depends on the gender, age, and body type of the person. Each person would have different physical preferences and would require an office chair accordingly.

Selecting the right office chair will help an individual work better, but with it, one should also try to maintain a straight and correct body position while sitting. When selecting an office chair, one should consider a few features that could help individuals get more comfort while working. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the right office chair.

Back Support

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This is a very important feature for people who suffer from lower back or hip pain. Proper back support on the office chair could provide vertical adjustments to the back support of the chair which can further help to adjust the chair as per the individual preference. This is a very prominent feature of an office chair and one should not buy one without it.

Office chairs with no back support might not be suitable for many office employees, as they can not adjust the chairs as per their preference. Fully adjustable back support provides an employee with a comfortable working posture and position. Also, it helps support the spine and relieve the pressure of sensitive areas. This helps in preventing any kind of pain like sciatica or health issues in the lower back of a person, thus increasing efficiency.

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Adjustable Height

Office Chair Recline


Adjustable height in an office chair is very important for providing a comfortable working position on a desk. If a person appears too low or too high on a chair, he or she will not get proper back support and cannot position himself accordingly. Also, sitting in an uncomfortable position will put more stress on the back support, leading to pain and tension in the back and leg muscles.

A proper height-adjustable seat allows an individual to sit parallel to the screen and feet touching the ground. Since each individual has a different height, this feature should be present in any office chair as it leads to a proper body posture while working. By adjusting the height, one can sit straight and parallel to the working area, which is neither too low nor high. A proper height will also make the leg position more comfortable, as they will touch the ground in the correct position.

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Adjustable armrests are a very important part of an office chair and should be present while picking one. An adjustable armrest helps a person to relieve the tension from the neck and shoulders. Fixed or no armrest on an office chair will create added pressure and weight on the shoulders while working. With an armrest, the weight of the arms, neck, and shoulders can easily be rested. It helps in giving an appropriate position for the arms to work in and prevents any pain or tension in the muscles.


Office chairs with wheels offer valuable convenience, whether you’re on the road at your own desk or scooting over to consult a colleague. Additionally, many swivel office chairs permit you to pivot in your seat, shifting the direction you’re facing. After you don’t want to maneuver in these ways, you’ll be able to typically “lock” your seat in situ to take care of stability.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar region may be a crucial section of the spine, running roughly between the hips and chest. Though these five lower back vertebrae are the most important and strongest in your body, they still need lots of support a day after day – particularly if you’ve had issues during this area previously.

Because lower back body strains are quite common among professionals, many office chairs are designated as lumbar support chairs thanks to specific design to supply lumbar protection. As always, however, it is vital to think about these options in light of your own body and desires.


Office Chair Recline
We consider reclining office chairs more comfortable to work on than any other office chair. Sitting for long hours in a straight position can bring a lot of stress to the lower back. Reclining not only helps a person to feel more relaxed but also releases the pressure from the lower back and distributes it evenly in the entire back system. Reclining can also give lots of comforts while working on the chair and increasing a person’s attentiveness.

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Cushion And Headrest

These two are a very important component of an office chair. An adjustable headrest makes sure that a person can get support for their head regardless of the height. We can do vertical adjustments as per a person’s height, which gives support and comfort to one’s neck. This helps to reduce the pressure from the neck and shoulder to provide a comfortable viewing angle.

Cushions provide a lot of comfort to the hips and thighs, as it rests their weight on it. Good quality and padded cushion can provide relief in pain-sensitive areas and a lot of support while sitting for long hours. Increased cushion comfort drastically improves the efficiency and productivity of an employee.

Things To Remember

Apart from the listed features in an office chair, an individual should also take care of certain things, which can provide better work productivity. Avoid sitting in the same position for a long time and walking or stretching after every few hours can relieve the tension and pain from your body. Adjusting back support to provide adequate support for the lower and mid-back.

Making sure that the height of the office chair is good enough that the feet touch the ground. Sitting in a posture that provides a good and straight back position for your body. Taking such steps and getting an optimum How to choose the right office chair as per the features listed above will lead to better productivity and comfort while working.

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