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How To Cover An Office Chair Without Sewing Step To Step

Does your favorite office chair need a makeover? In other words, do you need that to cover by fabric? It might be. Some of our expensive things need a break and a new look sometimes. As we cannot just throw them out, we can fix them using some DIY ideas.

In the case of a chair in your office that needs a makeover but you have to do it in a short time because you don’t have the whole day for it, you can do it easily just by following some steps. Having it done quickly with some simple steps is necessary.

It’s because it’s not always possible to focus on just a chair more than your main course. Therefore, quick tips are crucial here. Speaking of that, here come some steps that will help you to cover your favorite office chair within a short time.

If you know how to cover an office chair without sewing, it’ll save you from spending some extra bucks at it. Let’s go!

How to cover an office chair without sewing

It’ll save you from spending some extra bucks as well as time at it if you know how to cover an office chair without sewing by following some simple steps.

Step 1: Collect the Necessary Stuff

Firstly, before starting any project, it’s essential to collect all the stuff that you need throughout the process. Otherwise, it will take extra time to manage them in the middle of the work. Also, you will get distracted and spend a long time in it unknowingly.

Therefore, knowing what you need and collecting them before you start is essential. Now, make a list or keep in mind what you need. For instance, in this case, you need fabric to cover the chair, a wide tape to stick it, and probably scissors and cording to help with.

Here, before you cut the fabric, measurement is essential. So, drape it on the next chair and take an idea of how much it may take to cover the whole.

To be precise, the fabric has to be approximately 8 inches bigger than the size of the chair. Now it’s time to cut the fabric keeping the measurement in mind. Thus, continue learning how to cover an office chair through the next steps.

Step 2- Preparing the Casing

Here, you got to keep the fabric surrounded by the cording. Then fold the edge of the fabric over the following cording. Also, use the tape to secure the folding.

Speaking of the curves, you get while folding, gather it naturally so that it gets fewer wrinkles. Still, you have got no worry about the way it looks at this step. It will be okay with time.

Step 3: Finish the taping.

It’s time to tape the whole fabric properly and adding the drawstring. Before finishing it, look if you have got the right side of the fabric taped. Decide the place where you will add the drawstring.

After that, it needs two holes at that point, and they should be about two inches apart. Then add the ends of the cord with threads and finish the taping process.

Step 4: Use Safety Pins for Temporary Cord Security

After you are done with covering the chair, use some safety pins so that the cover doesn’t open up. 5 or 6 pins should be enough. That might get annoying to gather the whole fabric and tie them up properly as there are many curves in the chair.

However, once you finish it, you will love it. Note one thing; avoid adding the pins at the left side as it might get difficult to remove later. The right corner would be the best choice. Doing every step correctly at the right time prevents you from facing difficulties later.

Step 5: Time to Tie

At this step, tie the whole fabric on your chair and catch the ends properly. The tighter you can secure the more perfect it becomes. Any error in this step can cause a lousy finishing and make the chair look worse. Therefore, tying tightly and adequately is crucial. We hope you understand that. And this is how to cover office chair with fabric without any sewing.

Cord Management Under The Desk

When you are getting yourself a chair for your office, and you know that you are going to give it a quick makeover after taking home, you have enough freedom to choose that. Choosing a chair with various features, but at a low price would be a significant step as you will spend some more money while giving it a makeover.

Choosing the fabric is totally up to you. Some like to use one color clothes, and some want to use polka dots in the case of chair decoration. I have a different fascination for polka dots.

Sewing the fabric requires too much of your effort, and it’s not possible to do it at the office. Therefore, it’s always a more comfortable option to cover the chair with tape. However, it might seem to be strong when you cover the chair by sewing.

The process is more straightforward when you do it with the tape. Therefore, when you want to give your chair a beautiful makeover but to run out of time, go for the process where it does not require sewing. Similarly, you can sew the Best Reclining Office Chair in the same way.

Molding Your Chair

Lastly, once you are done with covering the chair, it’s time to mold its back. However, you may think as a not so good idea, but actually, it is. Since the back of your chair needs to be protected and secure, molding is essential.

You can get plastic back for such kind of job in superstores like IKEA. Also, you will have huge options when you go there. You have to choose according to your choice. Also, the measurement of your chair is essential.

Keeping all that in mind, decorating your chair is a fun thing to do. All the steps above are just the basic that one can follow to make the job easier. However, you can do it entirely in your way. Our efforts are for those who do not know how to do it. Also, it’s how to cover a desk chair with these simple steps and efforts.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, after this article regarding how to cover an office chair without sewing, you won’t need anyone’s help in the case of a makeover for your chair, table, and whatever you want. Since a makeover is always fun, you will enjoy doing this for sure.

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