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How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever: Tips and Tricks

Usually, several styles and designs of official chairs are likely available to get in the market. Also, they are available in different heights as well. But you should adjust the height of the chair according to your comfortability. People spend plenty of time in their office, and they sit on the chair.

That is why it is essential to make the appropriate height for you. However, if you think that the height of your chair is not suitable for you, then you can prolong the height.

To adjust the height, one has to follow several tips to share on the below content. Therefore, read the below content to get how to raise office chair without lever and make a perfect height of the chair.

The Reason for Adjusting the Height of Your Office Chair

How To Raise Office Chair

When you are using an official chair, it will be essential to keep the chair at an appropriate height. Most importantly, it is vital to get a healthy and comfortable posture for the neck and back.

Also, it helps prevent bad posture so that your look will be more professional than before. Now we will present several common problems that happen when you do not sit at the proper height. First, if you sit at a low height, then it will keep the legs uncomfortable.

Secondly, when you sit at a high height, then it will force you to lean on the table or desk. It also cannot be the right posture either for you. Therefore, you have to learn the proper ways of making the right height for you.

The process of Adjusting Appropriate Height

Now we will present the entire process of adjusting the suitable height of your chair. If you follow all the tips appropriately, then you must get the right posture while working in the office.

Also, you will able to prevent neck and back pain as well. Below is how to raise office chair with ease.

Measure the Appropriate Height for You

Firstly, one has to sit on the chair and keep your feet flat and comfortable on the floor. Most importantly, you have to analyze the knee position as well. If you notice that the knees are upon your waist, then it is not the right posture.

Therefore, you have to raise the length of your chair. To make this, you have to measure the height of the chair. Then, sit as well as to find out the distance on the floor and your knee.

One thing you must ensure that you are sitting in the right position while taking the measurement. Lastly, one has to notice the difference in your two sizes and set the chair according to it.

Detach Your Seat From Middle Of The Chair

Another thing one can do to make the height perfect of the chair. You have to take the chair in an open area to get enough places before working. After that, place your chair upside-down. That will be better to put the chair on a towel or cloth to protect it from cushioning.

After that, you need one screwdriver to disclose the screws from the bottom portion that holds your seat. Additionally, these significant screws vary on the brand and model of the chair.

However, maximum office chairs have universal mounting screws. If you get small nuts, then you have to disclose them by the Allen wrench. Lastly, you have to keep the seat in a safe place after separating it.

Prolong The Height By The Wood

Sometimes you may need to prolong some inches’ height of your chair. Then this would be the best solution for you. One can easily do this process by using one wooden piece. Just place the wood middle the seat as well as the lower portion of your chair.

However, you have to use one long nut or screws while doing this process. Also, you have to use the drill machine to make the hole in the wooden piece. Moreover, you have to prepare the wood by the total screws of your chair.

After making the holes, one has to place the wood in the middle and attach the seat in the bottom portion. Now the chair seat is entirely ready for your appropriate height. It’s how to raise an office chair higher with no use of a lever.

Prolong The Height With One Threaded Post

Now the tips will be for the old chair that provides the threaded post for adjusting the height of the chair. In this case, you have to follow different ways. Firstly, your chair should be in an upside-down position and then lubricate the thread.

Most importantly, you have to clean the extra oil from the chair by using the rag. Otherwise, your chair can slip while working. Also, it will help to remove the dust as well.

The dirt may make that seat hard to prolong or lower the height of the chair. This is how to raise height of office chair effortlessly.

Prolong Height By Spinning The Chair

First, you have to place your one feet top on the floor. It helps to prevent your chair from the left or right from moving. After that, turn your chair anti-clockwise or clockwise to adjust the appropriate height.

To prolong the height, one has to turn the chair anti-clockwise. Also, one can adjust the height by spinning the chair. To do this, you have to identify the height.

Once you get the perfect height, then stop turning. And fix the height. But if you think one requires more height, spin your chair again until you get the proper one.

Movement Of Back Height

Lastly, we will present other tips that also will help you to adjust the height of your office chair. To enjoy the proper sitting posture, you have to change the arms height fast.

You have to sit on your chair and adjust the height. Most importantly, your arm will be lower than the waist. Once you can adjust the back height and arms, and then fix it. Similarly, you can do it for the best drafting chair as well.

Bottom Line

From the above, you already know how to raise office chair without lever and sitting posture helps to avoid pinched nerves and back pain.

Therefore, you have to apply the right ways to make the comfortable height of the official chair. Hopefully, our suggestions will help you to get a healthy and comfortable sitting posture forever.

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