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How To Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair

Since the primary purpose of a gas cylinder in your chairs to hold your body weight, one might think about replacing it when it stops working. However, before you start the process, testing the cylinder thoroughly is essential.

Or else, one can throw out a cylinder that is perfectly ok. That would be a loss. Therefore, make sure that the cylinder needs a replacement before taking any decision about it. Well, let’s know below how to remove gas lift from office chair.

How To Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair

Testing the Cylinder

At the beginning of how to remove gas lift from chair, the moment a cylinder gets sunk when you go to sit on it, understand that the cylinder needs to replace. Although you can adjust the lever once to check if it has a problem, mostly the issue happens in the cylinder.

In most cases, getting the screws tighter than before can solve the problem. If the screws are loose, it causes the failure of pressure in the cylinder. Therefore, checking out the lever if that works well is essential. Also, the lock has a lot to do with this.

Therefore, checking if that is ok is also necessary. After checking all the things mentioned above, if it is still not working, we got to replace it. Now go ahead and check out the way of replacing it.

Removing the Cylinder

Having the necessary tools is enough to do this task as it’s as simple as that. The required tools include a wrench and screwdriver. Also, a rubber mallet is essential. The adjustable wrench will help you remove the bolts, the screwdriver will work for opening locks, and the mallet will do its work.

Firstly, open the casters. Casters mean the wheels your chaur has. It is effortless. Just use your hand and open the wheels. However, sometimes they can stick and can’t open with only hands. In that case, tap the wheels downward with the help of a rubber mallet, and it will come off.

Besides, all these things you got to do on a plain surface because a scratchy feeling can cause scars on the cushion of your chair. So take care of it carefully.

Now if you are done with opening the bolts and bringing off the wheels put the chair aside and work with the upper part. Below are more steps to know about how to remove a gas lift from an office chair.

Take Off the Base Now

Now keep the cylinder using a hand and put it upright. Then tap on the base decently with the help of the rubber mallet using another hand. Keep taping the ground until it goes to the closest to the cylinder. Once it comes out, work for removing the mechanism.

Although this process is nothing different than the base removing process, it can be a little more challenging than that. One still can do it properly if you don’t make any mistakes while doing it.

However, like the base, the mechanism also can be stuck while opening. There is a simple solution to it. Just apply some heat, and it gets easier to open it. But be careful while heating because it can cause serious harm.

After applying heat, if it still not working, then using the necessary tools can help you. Many gas cylinders come with extra tools that help to open the mechanism. So try buying such a cylinder that brings tolls with it.

Replacing The Cylinder

Did you remove the cylinder already? What will you do now? The thing you have to do next is to choose the best cylinder for your chair that matches all the criteria. Anyway, doing this step entirely is crucial as your cylinder needs the perfect replacement.

If you are not sure how to choose the best for this, let us help you out. It’s how to remove chair gas cylinder and also follow the below steps to complete the process.

How To Choose the Right Cylinder

Choosing the perfect option for anything is a tough job. Sometimes, it seems perfect but is not actually. Although it appears to be easy to select an ideal replacement, it has some serious issues that one can face while buying one.

Many kinds of cylinders are there to use as replacements. However, the best way to proceed is by taking the right measurements.

After all buying, something that comes out useless later is not cool. Therefore, taking the proper size and then going for the right cylinder is wise.

Spring Diameter

Spring Diameter

Firstly, check out the diameter. This is one of the topmost portions of the cylinder. It is located where there is the release button. You have to buy a 1-inch diameter as this is considered a standard measurement.

The Column Diameter

Another thing is to notice the Column Diameter. It is situated at the bottom. Also, the measurement has considered as 2 inches. Although there are many diameters in different measures, go for the right one. Or else, you will waste your money on it.

However, you might need another size for your chair if the standard measurement doesn’t go with it. Still do not freak out. There are many options out there, and you will get your required one for sure.

Cylinder Stroke

Cylinder Stroke

The measurement of stroke is crucial. This stroke indicates how high your seat goes and how low it comes. Also, the size in inches of the stroke tells the height of the seat. Although you can choose it according to your previous experience, experts recommend the 5 inches one.

It is mostly used and highly recommended for its quality.  Lastly, if you’re looking for an office chair, you can visit the best office chair for a short person for more information.

Bottom Line

Knowing about the cylinder, strokes, and all is not normal. Although the steps are relatively straightforward, things are not that usual as it looks. Therefore, it needs a perfect guideline before doing such a job.

Here, in this article about how to remove gas lift from office chair, we tried to put all the details as thoroughly as we could. Hopefully, after this write-up, anyone can do this without any hassle.

Just by following the steps gently, it’s straightforward to do it. Now playing with your chair and giving it a new life does not require rocket science. Just start it and enjoy the new chair.

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