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How To Remove Star Base From Office Chair Step To Step

One can sit in the office chair for a long time to work. Usually, the designs of the official chairs are comfortable and controllable for a long time sitting. Several chairs provide an adjustable height system.

Also, they provide swivel fitness for outstanding productivity and comfort. On the other hand, some chairs have one electronic soft massage pad. You can get it on the backside of your chair. However, these pads are a little bit expensive.

However, one can replace the starbase of the office chair due to tear and wear. We have searched for the starbase removal process and found the best five among them. We cannot but share that we have collected all the information from the expert.

In the below content, we will present all the ideas of how to remove star base from office chair. Therefore, continue with us till the end of this content to get the details removing process.

How To Remove Star Base From Office Chair Step To Step 

Step 1

If you want to remove the star base, then you have to follow several steps one by one. Here, we are going to present step one for you. To do this, one needs one drop- cloth or newspaper—first, layout the newspaper to protect the floor from the grease.

Generally, the official chairs have a cylinder of gas full of grease. So that your floor can be messy with this lubricate. Finally, one should follow this step before you remove the starbase.

Step 2

Now it is time to present step two of removing starbase from your official chair. Firstly, one has to place the chair upside-down. As a result, the base will be accessible and visible.

Here you can do one more thing to get a clearer visual. Just laying your chair and make sure that it is the back of the chair is touching the ground. Hopefully, this will be more comfortable to complete this task fast at ease.

Step 3

After placing the chair, you have to come into step three and to disclose the clip form the base. First, you have to find the holding point of the clip on the base of the chair. After that, remove that clip by using the needle and nose pliers. Also, you can use the flathead screwdriver to disclose the clip.

Step 4

Once you disclose the clip from the starbase, then you have to get rid of the washer. You will find it on the top side of the starbase. You have to pull off the clip from it. 

Step 5

Lastly, you have to remove star base from office chair by turning and pulling clockwise and anti-clockwise quickly. The gas cylinder and base have to pull out in one piece. You have to make sure that you are pulling it out from the hidden side of the gas tube. Look for the coating grease of the starbase. Now one has to change the new starbase as well as reverse the technique for installing it. This is how to remove star base from your office chair.

Health Hazard of Casters from Official Chair

Now we will present several health hazards of the dirty and worn chairs. Mainly, the casters of the chair can strain one’s back and legs. Specifically, it harms you during one scoots around. Therefore, the caster should be neat and clean for less strain on your body.

The casters of the chairs roll without friction that can accelerate while getting out freely from the chair. But when one goes to sit again, your chair will not be in the right position as your expectation. As a result, you may fall and get hurt.

Most importantly, you will be very disturbed if your office chair does not stay in the right position. Also, you have to waste your time fixing the chair in the correct place. Most of the time, the heavier person keeps extra effort on casters.

Moreover, the grade of inferior casters may break down due to the load. Also, it may cause of tip over the chair. Besides, the hard floor may damage the rigid casters as well. If you need to purchase an office chair, you can visit the best balance ball chair for easy convenience.

The Various Impact of Different Type of Casters

Here you will get the various impact of the different kinds of casters. First, we want to tell you that all the caster’s quality is not the same. The best quality casters have a minimum of 125-pound casters of each.

The casters of a good chair enhance your safety and comfort. The economy price of the chair casters has 75 pounds for each caster. Theoretically, one 75-pound caster must support 370 pounds for the 5-star base chair. Finally, you always have to skip the cheap caster to get the best office chair. Significantly, cheap casters are often failures for more massive people.

Soft Vs. Hard Tread Casters

Lastly, we want to present a comparison between the soft and hard tread casters. Generally, the movement of the chair depends on its wheels that offer proper traction on the soft and hard surface of the floor. First, the hard surface of the floor requires easy wheel casters. Most importantly, the new chairs have rigid casters, so they are best for the carpet surface. Moreover, the hard wheels are not that much easy to move when you need them.

Also, one can fall while sitting on a chair. Now we will discuss the soft casters of the wheel. One should use it on the hard surface like tiles, cement, or wood. Mainly, the smooth wheels are resilient; that is why it can protect the look of the floor appearance, and one can smoothly rolling the chair too.

Bottom Line

That’s all about how to remove starbase from office chair. One can use the soft wheels on the hard tread made with hard rubber, plastic, and metal. Finally, we want to tell you that the material of both casters is almost the same. Even you will not understand the difference by observing the materials. To find out the soft wheel, you need to touch on them and feel which one is soft. But one thing you must remember that the hard wheels have no resilience.

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