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Serta Works Executive Office Chair Review In 2021

Serta has been around for more than 70 years and has been a market leader in comfort products around the world. We bring you the Serta works executive office chair review and want you to take advantage. They are more into custom development and quality product engineering.

They have a good reputation for building quality and comfortable products that’s why customers trust them. Admittedly, many of the features that it is missing are usually only found in more expensive models.

For most people, this chair is a superb choice and can be an excellent fit. This Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness mid-back office chair may be a great example for a way great they really are.

Serta Office Chair offers a stunning new help highlight called the Air Lumbar. Here is the detailed discussion on this office chair.

Serta Works Executive Office Chair Review

Serta Works Executive Office Chair



Serta is a brand that is synonymous with quality, style, and comfort. You’ll notice that this chair is fairly inexpensive. At around $100, it’s in the low-mid end of the pricing spectrum. It has also shown to imitate the pelvic tilt exercise that helps reduce seat discomfort. There’s a height adjuster, a pillowed headrest, and excellent lumbar support.

It is designed to provide continuous lumbar support that keeps your body in the best working position for absolute comfort. This chair is not made only to let you feel relax but also helps you feel comfortable even as you work in your office. This is one chair that looks like it was made for display in a museum.

Definitely one of the more beautiful chairs we have in the market. And honestly, it really looks a lot more expensive than what it is sold for. The Serta Office chair will require some assembly. But it is fairly easy to assemble and won’t take you too long to enjoy sitting on this chair.

Overall, it’s a beautiful looking chair with great lumbar support that could also help with your back & hip pains. The features of the chair are something you’d expect in additional expensive chairs and are certainly good for those that have a budget to purchasing a chair. It’s a chair that’s well-built, comfortable, durable, attractive, and loaded with great features.

Serta Executive Office Chair Features

Lumbar Support

Serta’s office chair has dynamic lumbar support that uses AIR technology. This trademarked technology allows for pivoting support that moves with you. Unlike other chairs that feature static lumbar support, this one will adjust to your specific body shape.

In other words, this technology of the chair makes the rotating aspect work in your favor. Simply put, this helps you move, whenever you change position, you realize it will support your back offering with ease.


The Serta Works Executive Office Chair is certainly an office seat that you simply should check out for its ergonomic plan that comes with layered pads for the greatest comfort.

Secured with amazing bonded leather and it won’t become sticky during the day, not even when it’s hot and humid.

Body Pillows

The Ergonomic body pillows are layered across the chair to provide a comfortable sitting experience. The backrest is 25-inches high.


The chair is upholstered completely with bonded leather. This material is more comfortable than authentic leather, which can be hot and sticky when you’re sitting on it for extended periods of time.

Moreover, this material does not get sticky when you have a long day planned. Additionally, we must cite that bonded leather is a perfect option for warmer regions.

Head, Neck, And Shoulder Support

Finally, the head, neck, and shoulder support are very excellent and also serve to enhance the overall comfort of the chair. If you lean back to take a short break from your work, you’ll find your head cradled in a way that’s not dissimilar to the pillow on your bed. It’s really beautiful.


The only thing about the chair that leaves us somewhat wanting is the armrests. They’re well-padded and comfortable, and they’re even height-adjustable, which is fabulous, but they’re not ergonomically designed.

Given how well the chairs ergonomic features were implemented, we dearly wish the company would have offered ergonomic armrests, but again, this is more of a nit than a genuine weakness. You’ll still find them quite comfortable, and therefore the incontrovertible fact that they’re height-adjustable makes it even better.

Cable Levers

Adjustable features are important in any office chair. The Serta office chair includes actuated levers that allow you to regulate the peak or tilt. These levers are placed on the side of the seat for easy access as well.

Color Variations

The Serta Executive Office Chair comes in three distinct colors. You can get it in different colors – gray, black, and comfortable cream.
There are also a few different models of this series of Serta Chairs: light gray, deep blacks, and cream colors.

Some Assembly Required

As with most furniture, if you select to shop for this one, it won’t come assembled. You’ll get a large box, and your chair will be in several sizeable pieces. Fortunately, Serta’s products have high production values, so there’s no worry that the pieces won’t fit together as they should. They will.

The instructions aren’t as good as they could be, but they’re not horrible either. Overall, you won’t have much trouble with the assembly although if you’re doing it on your own, there will be a couple of moments where you’ll struggle.
Total time to assemble averages about 25-30 minutes, and you can shave about ten minutes off of that if you have an assistant handy.

Also, note that Serta offers this chair in bonded leather. While it’s stylish and attractive, we don’t consider leather to be quite as well suited for heavy daily use because it’s not as breathable. Spend more than about two hours at a stretch in the chair, and you’ll start to sweat.

In addition, thereto, this variant of the chair is clad in bonded leather which is real leather but doesn’t get up well to the trials of heavy daily use and is susceptible to cracking. As such, we regard it as slightly inferior to the material model.

  • Good looking office chair.
  • Reclining capacity makes it pretty cool over the others.
  • Extra padding adds to your comfort.
  • The lumbar support function wins the cake.
  • Ergonomic body pillows and 25 inches backrest make it a must-have.
  • Made up of bonded leather, which is an eco-friendly alternative.
  • If you expect leather, this has bonded.
  • You would like to take care of armrests, otherwise, the paint may get scratched.


The Serta works executive office chair review is an awesome choice for an office chair. It’s a touch narrowly focused in our view, given its seat height adjustment range and comparatively modest weight limit.

It also provides all the comfort and support that you simply need for an extended day sitting at work. The Serta Works Executive Office Chair is out there in three different colors – light gray, black, and cream.

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