Should I Be Sitting on Exercise ball at work?

Sitting on an Exercise ball at work – This article explains the benefits and drawbacks of using an exercise ball chair in an office as an alternative to an office. Using a traditional chair for sitting long hours in the office can be tiring and lead to health issues. The problem has been identified by many companies and individuals, and have led to the innovation of better office chair. However, there is still a better way to make sitting at work much more comfortable and relaxed.

Many companies have started sitting on an exercise ball at work as a replacement for the traditional office chairs. The concept seems to be new and interesting it has a lot of health benefits as well. But, is it effective or does it provides a better replacement over the traditional office chairs?

The idea behind using an exercise ball instead of a chair is to provide a better sitting posture. Since the exercise ball is not stable and does not provide any extra support like a chair. A person has to adjust and balance himself to be seated on the ball. This helps in creating a straight and perfect sitting position and helps in preventing back pain.


Benefits Of Sitting On An Exercise Ball At Work

Since sitting on an exercise ball needs regular adjustments to maintain balance. It helps to strengthen and use muscles from the core, back, and legs. Also, since sitting on it takes a lot of effort, it also helps in burning calories.

Where the proof Is Lacking

Despite its increased quality, some studies have found very little to no affiliation between victimization associate degree exercise ball within the work and also the acknowledged advantages. In fact, a number of analysis shows the potential for injury.

No Core Activation: Studies area unit split on the idea that sitting on an associate degree exercise ball will increase core strength. whereas one analysis found that this manner of active sitting engages the core muscles, others found no distinction in however the core is employed between associate degree exercise ball and a daily table chair.

Insignificant Calorie Burns: If there is associate degrees energy expenditure once sitting on an exercise ball, it’s fractional and not enough to scale back the health risks of sitting too long, in step with a 2015 study.

Increased Pain: Sitting for prolonged periods will result in back pain, however, employing a stability ball could have an analogous impact. One study found that just about 1/2 those that used the ball reported some pain once victimization it.

Relieves and prevents back pain

While working on an office chair, maintaining and holding a good sitting posture is very important, to work comfortably and for long hours. However, while working on a seat for some time, one easily gets tired and slouch on the chair. This contributes to a bad body posture and also increases fatigue.

While working on an exercise ball one has to focus on sitting with stability and maintaining balance. This makes a person sit straight and give a great spine position in the body. With regular use of an exercise ball as a sitting medium in the office, one can easily get rid of the pain slowly.

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Trains your muscles

This is one of the biggest benefits of using an exercise balance ball chair in the office. Normally, trainers use an exercise ball for stretching and normal exercise, helping in stretching the body muscles. Using an exercise ball in the office can provide a similar function for the employee.

Since it takes balance to sit on the ball, it takes a lot of effort for the core and leg muscles to maintain body position. Using an exercise ball for a long time will train these muscles to be stronger and you would not need any chair support for your back any longer.

Stretch while you work

While one works, it is very important to take a break in a couple of hours and stretch the body to get relief from body pain and improve the blood flow. Using an exercise ball will help a person to stretch on it while sitting and working. Move, your legs, stretch your back while sitting on it are just a few of the stretching exercises can do after every few hours.

The drawback of using an Exercise ball at work

As the exercise ball has some advantage of being used in the office, it also has some disadvantages which do not make it the perfect replacement for the office chair.

Takes time to get used to

If you are switching the office chairs for exercise balls in an existing office where people are already working. It might be difficult for them to adjust. Normally, people are used to arm and back support from a chair. Moving to an exercise ball requires an extra effort to sit properly on it. It might cause a bit of discomfort and pain in the starting until the people get adjusted to it. Since the exercise ball is not fully supported for back and heals, people might not be able to easily adapt and use it.

Ergonomic strains

This is by far the biggest drawback of using an exercise ball over the normal traditional office chair. In a normal traditional chair, we have a lot of adjustment options for legs, height, head, back, and arm support to name a few. However, an exercise ball does not have any such adjustment which not only makes the chair apt for any person but more practical.

Two different people of different ergonomics will have to use the same exercise ball. In this case, the height of the working table can be higher or lower for both the people and cannot be adjusted. These different ergonomic problems do not make an exercise ball practice for an office.

Risk Factors

Sitting on an exercise ball also has some risk factors. There have been many cases where people have tried sitting on an exercise ball for the first time and have toppled over and fall. Also, one should make sure that there are no sharp objects around the ball, or it can get deflated. One should make sure that their balance is mostly on the front legs while sitting, to prevent falling.


These are some of the few benefits and drawbacks of using an exercise ball in an office as a replacement for office chairs. What matters the most, in this case, is the job profile. Job profile defines the nature of the job, as in how much setting time is required. For a less sitting time, an exercise ball could be great, as it provides a good body position on it.

However, for situations where an individual has to sit for a long time and has to work, sitting on an exercise ball at work will be the best option. With enough body support and adjustable functions, it provides comfort and increases the efficiency of an employee. Using a traditional.


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